Kerala, the most beautiful state of India, encasing the natural magnificence alongside the adventures has a lot to offer with regards to travellers visiting the state. Kerala has always been a tourist attraction from the ancient times. The quiet and tranquil environment that it offers is not unlike any other spot in India. The most stunning attraction of the state is the boat race competitions that happen during Onam. These events are adventurous and exciting. We all want to save money, don’t we? Visiting Kerala in September will allow you to save a lot of money, yet have the best time of your life. If you are planning to visit Kerala in September, you can enjoy an amazing weather, cool climate and enjoy off-season prices.

September offers Off-Season Rates and Best Climate

September, usually is the best time to visit Kerala since the monsoons just get over and rains would have lessened making sure that the weather is fresh, green, clean, and dust-free but the best part is that rates will be low the which ensures that you get the best of both worlds– lowest off-season rates possible and less crowd. However, you can always expect sudden occasional rains.

Below are some of the amazing things you can’t miss when you visit Kerala in September– Some really exciting things that you can take back home as memories and make your tour unforgettable.

  • Celebrate Onam

Onam is the main festival of Kerala and is celebrated with extraordinary splendour and show. Each individual of Kerala takes part in this celebration irrespective of their caste and creed. It is the state celebration and is viewed as the festival of unification. Onam is essentially the harvest festival of Kerala. Many individuals from around the globe take part in the celebration to have a look at this superb festival. The celebration of Onam is celebrated in the months of “Chingam” which is a Malayalam month. This celebration happens at the end of August and in the beginning of September. This is something you must not miss if you are planning a visit around this time.

The festival of Onam goes on for 10 days. There are various activities which are performed during the celebration to add more fun to the event.

Apart from gaming events, one of the most amazing traditions is the Pookalam, a spectacular decoration made of flowers that are displayed in the front courtyard or the main gate. More flowers are added every day and the design becomes more elaborate and detailed.

  • Try Onasadya or Onam Sadhya

One of the major traditions of Onam is the huge feast known as Onam Sadhya. The meal is traditionally eaten while sitting on the floor on banana leaves as plates. Know that this feast is traditionally strictly vegetarian. However, in some regions of Kerala, they make non-vegetarian dishes in Onam Sadhya. It is a must if you love food and who doesn’t, right?

The Onam Sadhya traditionally comprises of 11 mandatory courses, however, the vast majority serve at least 13. Onam Sadhya can have as many as 64 courses, so if you are in Kerala during Onam, you know you can’t miss this amazing spread.

  • Cheer your favourites in the Snake Boat Race

During the months of August and September, on the event of Onam, the snake boat races are organized in Alleppey with great passion and enthusiasm. To witness the boat race from close-by and cheer your favourite team, you can even get on a boat by hiring one. This is the most popular event in Kerala.

  • Take part in Other Onam Games:

Apart from snake boat races, there are other games like tug of war, Kayyankali, Kaikotti Kali, Pulikkali Olenjaali, etc are organized. People from all caste and creed participate in these activities. These events are really fun and you will get a chance to get a peek into the traditions of Kerala.

Besides the rituals, gripping games are organized during Onam celebrations, wherein small kids, women and men take part with the same enthusiasm and passion. ‘Thumbi Thullal which is a folk dance performed by women is a major element of the Onam celebrations. You can take part or just watch others participate– it is a lot of fun both ways.

  • Onam Celebrations organized by the Government

As a part of Onam Celebrations in the state, the government of Kerala also organizes Onam celebrations at Thiruvananthapuram. It is a must-watch for tourists. You can just plan your dates accordingly and take part in the celebrations along with the locals.

  • Best time to visit waterfalls

Kerala is additionally home to several excellent waterfalls, and during the month of September, they are instilled with new life and vigour. Two of the waterfalls which you should visit if you are there in September are Athirappally and Vazhachal Waterfalls situated in the Thrissur region of Kerala. At Athirappally, the water drops from an elevation of about 80 feet. also, crashes into the Chalakkudy River underneath. The whole scene is both extremely incredible and powerful, which enchants the spectators.

The Vazachal Waterfalls additionally present a comparable sight and is best visited during September. It likewise has some extraordinary fauna on display, such as the rare hornbill. Its brilliance hypnotizes the guests and leaves them altogether fulfilled.

  • Stay in a Houseboat

Staying on a houseboat is like a dream come true. If you ever wanted to do that, book a houseboat in September as you will get the best rate during this time. These well-furnished boats can be booked online. The boats include all the meals of the day, along with customized services that can be availed on demand.

  • Visit backwater

Even if you don’t plan to stay on a houseboat, a backwater visit is a must during these days as several boat race are happening. Check the Onam dates beforehand and plan your days accordingly. It is something you shouldn’t miss if you are planning a visit during the Onam celebrations.

The mangroves, coconut palms and lush paddy fields make backwaters an ideal destination. You can enjoy the serene & scenic backwaters.

  • Stay on a Tree House

Kerala is the state, which is close to nature; hence, it would be an incredible experience to observe the natural beauty of the treehouse. The forest is lush and green during the months of September. Book a treehouse for a day and have the most amazing feeling, satisfying your fantasy of childhood of living in a treehouse.

  • Fort Kochi Tour

Fort Kochi has an eclectic design– it has seen the rule of Dutch, British, Arabs, Portuguese, and Chinese. You can visit the spot by walking or bike, including other places as well. September months are ideal to cycle around the towns because of the cool and enjoyable climate. You can take a leisurely walk as well to the Fort Kochi and explore the natural and architectural beauty.

  • Watch a Kathakali Performance

Dancers wearing colourful dresses show the wonderful Kathakali performance, which is a dance form in which artists enact the narratives of the land just by their postures and expressions. During the Onam, many such performances take place; it is an absolute must-do thing while you are visiting Kerala.

  • Best time to get Ayurvedic Treatments

When it comes to unwinding, Kerala is on the top as what it offers to travellers is second to none; the Ayurveda massage is a prime attraction of the state with a large number of explorers visiting the state each year.

The best place of Ayurveda treatment is the state of Kerala in India. Ayurveda doctors of Kerala have in-depth knowledge in Ayurveda and most of their families have been involved in Ayurveda for many years. Hence their knowledge come from what their ancestors taught them; therefore these families have reliable knowledge of Ayurveda.

Kerala is also a popular hub for Ayurveda because of Kerala’s climatic condition and geographic location which is for the herbs that are used in Ayurvedic treatments. You can avail these treatments at certified ayurvedic hospitals, and ayurvedic resorts.

The best time to undergo an Ayurvedic treatment is during the rainy season which is from June to September in Kerala. The environment during this time is cool and dust-free. During this season, our pores open up which makes it easy for oils and the medicines penetrate better in the body. You must undergo treatment of Ayurveda if you are in Kerala during September.

  • Bird Watching at Kumarakom

Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a must-go place for bird-lovers. The place is about three hours from Kochi. You can spot migratory birds such as Siberian foul, heron, egret, waterfowl, etc. September to February is an ideal time to visit the place.

  • The Bamboo Rafting

The exclusive attraction of the state of Kerala is bamboo rafting. Experience the rafting in the very way as it used to be in its early stages. Enjoy the flora, fauna, and the exotic sceneries during the month of September. The lakes also have enough water so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Visit Tribal Villages

There are 48 tribal communities in Kerala. They are found in deep forests and have many customs and rituals, which are rather remarkable. A visit there will help you experience their rituals and lifestyle. September is the ideal time to visit such villages as the climate is at its best during that time.

The villages of Kerala provide an insight to the natural beauty at its best. These villages are a few kilometres from the cities. A visit to these villages can be arranged by the travel agent.

  • Trekking Through the forests

Forests are verdant after the rainy season. A hike through the dense forests of Kerala will get you accustomed with the prevalent species of flora and fauna. Watching the birds and animals in their natural habitat can be an enriching experience.

  • The Sunset at the Beach

Kerala is home to a variety of beaches. While many are commercial, some are still untouched and hidden gems. Take back memories for a lifetime when you watch a sunset at the beach. Sunsets look especially beautiful during the month of September as there are clouds but there is also the sun.

One of the finest beaches of Kerala is Kovalam Beach. Watch the beautiful sunset at the beach, the star attractions that are present at the beach are Lighthouse, the Samudra Beach and Hawah Beach.

  • Visit the Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets are one of the most popular attractions of Kerala. It would be a delight for you to watch these nets and how easily they get the day’s catch. Talk to the local fishermen and know more about the technique. These places look incredibly amazing after the rainy season is over.

Other things to keep in mind

  • Onam usually has 3-4 holidays in a row and only the essential services stay functional during this time.
  • A lot of restaurants remain closed during this time.
  • Hotels will have minimum staff
  • Govt offices remain closed during this time
  • ATM may go out of cash so take out your cash beforehand
  • The tenth day is the main Onam, called Thiruvonam, which will be a dry day and you may expect long queues in front of alcohol outlets operated by govt prior to that day.
  • Nowadays, police and govt. are playing huge role in making Onam days super smooth for the regular people

Apart from closed shops, restaurants during those 3-4 days, everything else is just as normal. So just keep cash handy and buy the essentials beforehand to make your stay enjoyable and smooth.

Visit these places and do the above-mentioned things in Kerala during September and rest assured that you are in for one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

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