Why travel with Us?

Why we are what we are...

We are not like the usual tour operators because we consider 'Planning Together' the best way to enjoy what we do. Our Team of proficient planners follow a methodical approach. We design tailor made Kerala Tour itinerates according to your choice of interest, financial plan and time. However, each group of people's selection differs significantly; therefore we ensure to consult time to time with you before sketching out your trip itinerary.

Travelling with us- makes all the difference...

We are different because we care. Yes, if you want to savour the typical Kerala Sadya then we will raise hell to get what you want. Our work is not over by just planning the trip and presenting it you. We move ahead of your excursion to make you feel comfortable with our impeccable services like multi lingual (English, Arabic, Hindi, and Tamil etc.) speaking drivers and Guest Relationship Managers throughout your course of vacation. Just so you know our exclusive drivers are well trained to act as proficient and cultured travel guides, unlike local taxi drivers.

Our Holiday Planning revolves around sweeping environment away from the noises of the locals. Therefore we specialise in farm stays, plantation stays and home stays. Yes, we also divulge in pitching in other luxurious accommodations confirming to your interest and perception.

We do not settle nor want to restrict you with just one option; we give you plenty of different choices for you to select so you can enjoy full advantage of our exclusive services. Our accommodation choices syncs perfectly well with traveller reviews (Including Trip Advisor), images from our collection and information uploaded in each property's website.

There's more and more to us...

We are not tour operators. Nor are we anymore random beginners who journeys hopelessly; rather we work on professional terms and thrive to follow our principles.

We are more of a Holiday Planners who essentially believe in not promoting places and packages that does not leave any room for enjoyment. We also do not agree in competing prices of other players. Just so you know, there are hotels and properties those who offer discounts if companies like us promote them.

Our thirst for places reproduces in our mode of operation. Our customised tours totally reflect your moods. We have guided historical tours for the quaint lovers. For the foodies, Kerala is the right state to visit as it is known to have the ensemble of finest cuisines in India. We do not stop with this; we also make sure Kerala's diverse landscapes deliver the perfect outdoor experience for the adventure lovers. And the backwater locales allow the romantics to seek out more pleasure.

So, in short, our only mission is to humbly add value to your holiday by bidding what is, deemed by us, to be the best!