The city of Cochin is home to many prominent sightseeing attractions. Altogether, they offer an exquisite glimpse of Kerala’s history, culture, and picturesque beauty. Whether it is the historic buildings or the Chinese fishing Nets with the orange sunset in the backdrop, Cochin exudes a charm which is both rare and incomparable. Travellers are also excited to find out that Cochin is not just about seeing a few things and returning home. There is so much to do in the city. It is full of activity.

But to experience the best of Cochin without wasting a lot of time, you need to have a well-planned itinerary. And we are here to help you with that. The day tour plan we’ve designed guarantees a satisfying and memorable experience. We have tried to make the itinerary engaging but not exhausting.

Begin on a high

Kick start the day by visiting the most interesting tourist attractions of Cochin. They include the Dutch Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Chinese Fishing Nets, and Santa Cruz Basilica. You can choose to spend more time on some and less on others. But be assured that each place has the artistry of its own. So don’t rush through. Take time and absorb the beauty around you. Talk to people. Take note of even the little details of the place. You will surely have a great morning.

Dutch Palace

Pic Courtesy: Holidify

The Dutch Palace is one of the oldest structures displaying Portuguese architecture at its best. With a quaint charm of its own, the palace is unique from a historical and architectural point of view. It was originally built by the Portuguese but later revamped by the Dutch. Hence, it got the name ‘Dutch Palace’.

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Jewish Synagogue

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Built in 1568 by a prosperous Jewish community, the archaic Jewish synagogue houses many rare antiques. It is the oldest existing synagogue out of all the synagogues in commonwealth countries. Its rustic yet grand interiors are a delight to history and culture buffs.

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Chinese Fishing Nets

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With a history that goes back five centuries, the Chinese Fishing Nets can excite any photographer in the world. Although they look simple, the majestic ocean in the background makes this site one of the most loved attractions in Cochin. While you’re there, make sure to taste the delicious freshly fried fish from one of the stalls at the beach.

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Santa Cruz Basilica

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Flaunting its Gothic style of architecture and Portuguese interiors, the Santa Cruz Basilica in Cochin has great historical significance. It has been one of the most visited attractions of Cochin because of its impressive grandeur and inimitable beauty.

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 A special lunch break

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After covering the popular attractions of Cochin, if there is one thing you will feel, it is hunger. Conveniently, the next stop is a restaurant in Fort Kochi named ‘Rasoi’. The restaurant specializes in seafood and the North Indian cuisine. It enjoys a fine ambience and is known for its excellent service and interesting food presentation. Because of hunger, many tend to gobble and miss out on relishing the rich flavors in the food. Don’t make that mistake. Take your time and savor every morsel. It will be an afternoon worth remembering.

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Experience the colourful culture of Kerala

After lunch, get ready to be engrossed in the culture and tradition of Kerala. The cultural center in Cochin features professional Kathakali as well as Mohinoyattom performances. The unbelievably elaborate make-up, the acting talent of the artists and the well-crafted dance moves you will see at the cultural show can make any art enthusiast drool.  It is here where travelers can experience Kerala in the purest sense, getting to know all the distinctive aspects of its culture.

An unexpected twist

Just when you thought that Cochin is only about culture and history, the city reveals a twist you could not have seen coming. Kerala’s biggest mall, the Lulu Mall, is sure to surprise you with its grand appearance. Housing many shopping brands, fast food centers, restaurants, cinemas, and the JW Marriott, the mall shows you the urban side of Cochin. It is the ultimate shopping destination in the city. Give your day tour a grand yet relaxing climax at the mall.

Like we mentioned earlier, a day tour of Cochin, if planned well, can be a memorable experience. And as you may have noticed while reading this blog, the itinerary plan we’ve designed allows you to have a variety of experiences without wasting any time. The historic sites, flavoursome food, colourful culture, and the urban touch, in the end, will create memories that will last for a long time. You will return home knowing that you’ve truly experienced Cochin.

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