Who we are?

We, The Soul Seekers

‘Experience Kerala’, a team of holiday planners, thrives to deliver unparalleled exposures to travellers who are on the lookout for something more than the regular holiday preferences. We are a part of an offbeat travel community, whose passion stirs in travelling wide and far into the wilderness and raw beauty of Incredible India!

As natives, we have not only lived in each of Kerala’s heartbeats but also have submerged ourselves in its crux for years. That is why we are not here to bid you with a usual ‘days and nights’ package, but we are here to offer you with an authentic experience of the God’s Own Country!

‘Experience Kerala’ knows to nurture each traveller’s desire, hence we ensure to plan your Kerala holiday confirming to your ideal budget, time and taste. 

Our Team

The Trailblazers

Okay, so here we are a group of like minders who extensively dream of celebrating the world by travelling, starting from God’s very own Country. We want you to be part our extended family and so, let us introduce each of our team players, who have united together to fulfil your dreams in rediscovering the quaint Kerala in a more memorable way.

Aijin John
Co-Founder & Designated Partner

Sreejith PC
Co-Founder & Operations Manager

Abraham Joseph

Ray Thomas

Tony Joy Joseph
Partner - Business Development

Our Story So Far

Our Passage of Time-Travel…

It just happened; no sitting together for days to chart out our plans in venturing ‘Experience Kerala’. Our circle is a group of ardent friends who believes in ‘spur of the moment’ trips and excursions. We are from similar technical background and grinned for our Graduation Photo on the same day. We had already travelled around every nook and corner of Kerala, yet the urge to lookout for more was strong and unsettling. We acted upon our wills and took our bikes and cars out for exploring the vast unmapped parts of the country. From a single soulful trip our zeal to travel continued to grow until we had trekked, camped and hiked together a number of places. By doing so we finally unveiled our actual zest for life – A passion to travel. 

Our desire for more hasn’t stopped yet. Which is why, whenever we get a chance to escape from our busy schedules, we elope to find more passionate journeys to rediscover ourselves.

The bud – Experience Kerala…

Earlier, when we first started our travelling experience, we realised that the conventional travelling packages were not offering enough to satisfy our thirsts. As in, for a tourist, each tour is all about larger than life experiences, aesthetic accommodations and a feeling of warmth that adds value for money. It was essentially lacking in the traditional packages. For example, if we are ready shelve money, then why would we want a tour itinerary consisting only luxurious stay with a typical view of the landscape, same old cuisine which can be availed in any star restaurant and a sightseeing package which starts in the morning and ends by evening? What fun in this?

That’s when we started to chart out our own tailored packages, with each upcoming trip, which covered a vast number of elements. Soon, we were approached by a group of friends to customise their holiday tour and the rest was an absolute grapevine. Our unconventional tour ideas followed through our kind friends to their extended crowds. And we soon became quite the redeemer in our small world.

It just so happened that one fine day an idea struck us that why not should we offer the same to like-minded nomads, unknown to us, what we have experienced in each of our journeys? And thus, budded Experience Kerala! – Our humble story so far.

The unlikely fact…

The tourism sector is supposed to devote in providing services. But soon we realised that it had come to be more commercialised. They made it clear that promoting unusual places and extravagant accommodations would close doors on their profit increasing schemes. In fact we understood that the conventional tour operators had made their businesses revolve around proffering accommodations and stays that would garner revenues rather than offering services as per to individual client’s preferences. Hence, they mainly focused on arranging mediocre tour packages. So, all we got served on the platter was the same old stories.

Here is the Silver Lining…

Many of you may not be aware that there are many uncultured landscapes which are yet to be seen and embraced by us. These gems are well hidden from the general public, yet can be easily accessed. Your vacation possibilities are vast and endless. It is not always about discovering the already discovered but travelling is more about finding your soul. Unlike the business processes of conventional touring operators who doesn’t promote off beat sites, Jungle Lodges, Plantation Home Stays and Farm Stays are few mediums that let you to appreciate the true emotion of such soulful locations.

Silver Lining continued…

So, that is when we joined our hands together and decided to share our unparalleled stories by planning out vacations. Our first sets of customers were people within the circle of friends and extended families. Soon, our delighted customers grew and the demand for more piled up. There was a time when our inbox flooded with enquiries and suggestion mails. We were more than happy to get involved in the process until the time came when we actually saw a streak of silver lining. It dawned upon us that this is what that was meant to be from the beginning and so conceived

‘Experience Kerala Holiday Planners’.