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Destination Theme
Yoga Retreats, Beaches,
Best Suited For
Families, Couples and Tourists.
Recommended Duration
Two to five days.

Quick Info

Varkala is a coastal suburban town in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. The nearest airport to Varkala is Thiruvananthapram International Airport which is 55 kilometres away from the town. Varkala is one of the few places where cliffs are found adjacent to the vast sea. The town is famous for Sivagiri mutt and the 2000 year old Janardana Swany Temple.

Rankings & Ratings

A warm town in Kerala home to a delightful beach which offers a variety of activities.

Editor's Rankings

#9 in 33 Destinations in & around Kerala
#2 in 13 Beaches in & around Kerala
#1 in 2 Yoga Centers in & around Kerala

Editor's Review

Although it is an important tourist destination in Kerala, Varkala is not very crowded. You will find awesome fun activities near the beach. The place offers good Ayurvedic massages and many cultural programmes. All in the family will enjoy their stay at Varkala.


  • Ideal place for surfing, parasailing and boating.
  • Wholesome recreation for the entire family.
  • Cultural fests and events taking place throughout the year.
  • The small shacks near the cliff offer a great ambience for evening hangouts.
  • The beach is not crowded.


  • Cliffs might turn slippery during the rains.
  • The weather is usually quite warm throughout the year.
  • Some Ayurvedic centres are a little overpriced.
  • Not an ideal place to visit during the monsoon.

Itinerary Tips

  • The Varkala beach is a must visit place and the adventure activities it offers are worth trying. 
  • If you are coming from Kollam side, you can come through the scenic route covering Kappil beach and backwaters.
  • Carry light cotton clothes because the climate is quite warm and sometimes humid.
  • Because of many foreign travellers, the price of Ayurvedic massages is slightly higher. But they reduce the price if you bargain.
  • The cliff area is lovely with good restaurants and craft shops. But you could also take a short 10-minute tuk-tuk ride along the coast to the north that brings you to Edava, a small fishing community among the palms with an under-developed “Robinson Crusoe-type” beach. You can stay overnight here at an isolated beach cottage and also enjoy good breakfast at the restaurant close-by. 
  • Check if you can get to see any cultural shows. These shows take place throughout the year.


Detailed Info

Varkala is a small quiet settlement in the suburbs of Thiruvananthapuram district. The town of Varkala has received much attention because of its attractive beach, the 2000 year old Vishnu temple and Sivagiri mutt. One of the legends of Varkala says that a Pandyan King was instructed by Lord Brahma to build a temple at this very place to redeem him of his sins. The waters of the Varkala beach are considered as 'holy' by many people.

 The Varkala beach is clean and well-maintained offering a beautiful ambience blended with tranqullity. The beach proposes a variety of mood lifting elements like paragliding, water skiing, surfing and boating. The water in the Varkala beach is known for its natural spring water which has many curative values. The Varkala cliffs nears the beach is now a geo-heritage site. Sivagiri mutt, another tourist attraction is a famous ashram founded by phillosopher Sree Narayan Guru. Varkala offers great accommodation facilities for tourists and is becoming a popular health resort for its many Ayurvedic massage centres.




The town is at an altitude of 190 metres( 623 ft) above mean sea level.


The temparatue is usually on the warmer side throughout the year with pleasant winters and extremely hot summers.

Best Time to Visit?

During winter season that starts in December and continues till February.

How to Get There?

By Air

Varkala does not have an airport of its own. However, Trivandrum International Airport is just about 55 Km awayfrom the town. A cab ride of 1 hour 30 minutes should get you to Varkala.

By Train

Varkala Railway Station is 3 Km away from the main area. Travelling by train can be a faster and cheaper option in and around the state. Additionally, almost all major trains pass through the Varkala railway station.

By Road

Varkala bus routes are efficiently connected with the other prominent places of Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu. Kerala state transportation has ample number of well maintained, air conditioned buses intersecting major junctions every half an hour.

Local Cuisines

 Kerala fish soup, fish tikkas and other fresh sea food prepared in the tandoor.