Since Kerala is blessed with a diversified climate each season offers unusually charismatic features. However, it is up to you as a traveller to decide which season suits your preferences the most. For your knowledge we have provided here short notes on what each season can offer to the tourists.

Temperature Range: 19 °C (67 °F) to 37 °C (98 °F))

Kerala observes an equatorial tropic climate bordered by Arabian Sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other. Its moderate temperature throughout the year has made Kerala a popular tourist destination for Domestic and as well as International travellers.

Winter Season: (October to February)

The typical winter season can be experienced in the hill stations of Kerala. Winters in Kerala start after the state receives northeast monsoon. The chilly climate concludes by the middle of February. The temperature in the hill stations falls below 10 °C during this season, while other parts of the state maintain higher temperature during winters. Kerala also receives lowest rainfall during winters.


  • Most favoured season by International travellers.
  • Pleasing climate, ideal for sightseeing and hiking or trekking. Temperature is moderate with less or no rains.
  • The season proffers most of the tourist places to open up to the visitors.
  • Ideal time to visit the luminous beaches and the unclouded shorelines.
  • Perfect season for carrying out adventure sports like hiking, trekking, camping, wild life safaris etc.
  • Like most of the tourist destinations, during peak season, accommodation and home stay charges and houseboat charges increase by 20% - 40% from the normal tariffs. The high tariff months are 15th December to 15th January.
  • Therefore, for your benefit and for you to experience a trip that includes value for money, it is recommended to visit Kerala in between October to February (san the peak 30 days) unless you decide to celebrate Christmas and New Year here.
  • You might experience unpredicted heavy rainfalls in October due to North East Monsoon (Thulavarsham in Malayalam).

Summer Season (March to May)

Kerala’s summer arrives in March and stays until May or early June. The temperature rises to maximum 36° in these months. The ideal places to visit during this season are hill stations like Munnar, Thekady and Wayanad.

  • Delight to photographers as summer season offers a perfect view of clear and unclouded landscapes.
  • The viewpoints also prove favourable to tourists as they will get to enjoy a panoramic sight of the highlands.
  • Most perfect season for trekking expeditions through the dense forests of the Western Ghats. (Trekking is closed in most of the other seasons).
  • There are no evident disadvantage except the s scorching hot sun. So ensure to pre book AC accommodations. AC lodging fills up faster in this season. You shall not worry about AC, if it is a hill station such as Munnar or Waynad.

Monsoons Season (June to September)

One of the most beautiful seasons in Kerala - The South West Monsoon! Also termed as Edavappathi in Malayalam, South West monsoon hits the state in the months of June to September. Kerala will be in its greenest form and projects an utmost romantic atmosphere. Nature has its highest calling during monsoon offering a perfect chance to relax and unwind amidst lush landscapes.


  • Lesser tourist crowds. An ideal time to enjoy the state of Kerala and its spirited form in a calmer and less chaotic atmosphere.
  • If you are looking for a laid back and rejuvenating experience without any adventure, Kerala monsoon is the idyllic season for you.
  • An ideal vacationing time for honeymooners enjoying the rain.
  • Ayurveda therapies is best effective during the monsoon seasons. The season helps Ayurveda medication to perform better which furthermore enhances the mind’s rejuvenation.
  • Monsoon season also provides ample discounts in regular tariffs on sightseeing, home stays, plantation stays, resorts, hotels and tree houses. Thus monsoon tourism proffers better value for money.


  • Frequent heavy rains – a bad time for beach visits and outdoor beach activities.
  • Many elevated tourist spots perched on hills, waterfalls and other similar kinds might be closed due to unwarranted turbulent rains.

Cultural Festival Seasons

Kerala is known for its varied mindboggling cultural festivals. You can also plan your trips revolving around these traditional festivals happening throughout the year, in different seasons.

Kerala is more than just scenic views and romantic beaches. From a passionate traveller’s eye, Kerala is filled with authentic experiences and little nuances that give a new shape and meaning to travelling altogether. So, if you are one of those passionate tourists you should properly schedule your trip to enjoy the vibrant tradition and culture of Kerala.

1. Theyyam: Also known as Kaliyattam, Theyyam incorporates dances, mimes, music and enshrines depicting the ancient tribal civilization of Kerala. It usually takes place in between October and February. There are 400 types of Theyyam performed every year.

2. Thrissur pooram: The most famous festival of Kerala, Thrissur Pooram takes place in the month of May accompanied by other smaller poorams (festivals) and Gaja-Melas spread across the months of February to May.

3. Backwater Snake Boat Races: Known as Vallam Kali, it is the traditional canoe boat race in Kerala celebrated during Onam Festival (July to September). Few of the popular race names include Champakullam, Nehru Trophy, Aranmula, Kumarakoram and President Trophy boat races.

4. Onam: Onam is the annual festival of the Kerala State and is rejoiced in a grand manner throughout the region. It is the festival of harvest, happiness, gratitude, and excitement. The round of Onam festivals usually takes place in August and September.

You can find information and a detailed report of annual festivals of Kerala in official website of Kerala Tourism Department.