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Destination Theme
Ayurvedic Centers, Backwaters,
Best Suited For
Families, Honeymoon couples.
Recommended Duration
Two to Three days.

Quick Info

Kumarakom is a favoured toruist destination in Kerala, located near the city of Kottayam. Kumarakom is situated on the banks of the largest lake in kerala named Vembanad Lake, making it an impressive destination for backwater tourism. The nearest airport to Kumarakom is Cochin International Airport which is about 85 kilometres away. Kumarakom is mostly famous for Houseboat cruise and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

Rankings & Ratings

An incredible backwater destination that gives you the opportunity to feast your eyes on exotic birds.

Editor's Rankings

#2 in 33 Destinations in & around Kerala
#1 in 4 Waterfalls in & around Kerala

Editor's Review

The breezy town of Kumarakom is one of Kerala's best backwater destinations. If you get the right houseboat for your cruise, you will surely cherish your trip for a long time. The bird sanctuary in Kumarakom is home to some rare exotic birds making it a treat for bird lovers. 


  • The serene backwaters of Vembanad Lake.
  • Many surprising varieties in the local cuisine.
  • Best-in-class backwater resorts offering great views.
  • The climate is mostly cool and breezy.


  • Houseboats are not available during the Monsoon.
  • Houseboat cruises are a little overpriced. 
  • Difficult to get reasonably priced accommodation in peak season.

Itinerary Tips

  • .Monsoon season is a great time to visit the bird sanctuary and have some nature walks in a relaxed setting.
  • Tourists is considerably few in number during the summer due to the warm weather. Without much crowd, you can explore the place better and also get good deals on hotels.  
  • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is one of the best tourist attractions in Kumarakom.
  • The most popular activity in Kumarakom is Houseboat Cruise. It is a little expensive, but worth every penny if you get the right chef.
  • Ask your tour guide to arrange for fresh madhura kallu (sweet toddy extracted from the coconut palm) and have it the Kerala way with exotic karimeen pollichathu (coal baked fresh water fish), spicy pickles or kappa (cassava) and fish curry. 


Detailed Info

Kumarakom is a popular tourist destination in the state of Kerala. It is basically a village that has a bunch of small islands on the Vembanad Lake, the largest lake in the state. It forms a part of the Kuttanad region. Kumarakom has a bird sanctuary spread across an area of around 14 acres. The bird sanctuary, a bird-lover's paradise is home to some beautiful birds including Egrets, Darters, Herons, Teals, Waterfowls, Cuckoo, Wild Duck and migratory birds like the Siberian Stork.

Kumarokam got its popularity for its delightful backwaters where visitors take part in a variety of boat cruises. Apart from this, Kumarakom offer travellers other activities including fishing facilities at particular cottages like the Taj Garden Retreat. Kumarakom also has other backwater resorts engulfed in coconut groves offering a panoramic view of the backwaters.



Kumarakom is at an altitude of approximately 5-10 meters above mean sea level.


Pleasant during the rainy and winter season, but can get quite warm during the summer between March and May. But there is always a cool breeze in the region.

Best Time to Visit?

Between the months of September and March that usually experience pleasant climate.

How to Get There?

By Air

The nearest Airport to Kumarakom is Cochin International Airport which at a distance of 85 kilometres. The Airport is well-connected to major cities across India and abroad. From the airport, you need to hire private cabs or taxis to reach Kumarakom.

By Train

Kottayam Railway Station is just 16 kilometres away from Kumarakom. From the station, you can easily get cabs or taxis to reach the place.

By Road

Plenty of Kerala state transport buses keep moving to Kumarakom from Kottayam. Kottayam bus station is well connected to all major cities around Kerala through KSRTC buses. Private air-conditioned buses are available to Kottayam from other major cities of South India such as Bangalore, Chennai and Mangalore.


Local Cuisines

The region mostly has Syrian-Christian style cuisine. You can find Appam-rice bread, tapioca, Karimeen-a very exotic fresh water fish, and other seafood such as shrimps, prawns, crabs and squids. Frog legs, donkey stew and crane fry are also available here.