What we are not?

We render distinguished services

As often as we get stuck in to the idea of tourism we would like our esteemed clients to easily tell apart from what we can offer and what we would not be able to.

Manage bulk tickets & documentation

  • ExperienceKerala is not an online travel portal who are specialised in operating bulk bus, train and flight tickets.
  • We are not consultants who process Visa documents, paper works or other travel documents as acquiring an Indian Visa has become seamless through ETA.
  • Although we do not deal in booking tickets, we do help our guests with travel reservations including flight, train and bus bookings conforming to your holiday plans with us.
  • We also render our services in providing reliable and accurate information regarding processing Visa and Travel Permits if and when time arises.

Someone can always be cheaper

  • We are not going to get into a pricing war with our competitors compromising on quality. Instead, we strive to offer something better than them.
  • We are specialised in Farm Stays, Jungle Retreats, Plantation Stays and Home Stays. Our services are exclusive and we preserve in giving a premium experience to our guests.
  • We offer a lifetime experience exposing the hidden gems of Kerala, conforming to your specified budget and simultaneously increasing the value for money.
  • We have a list of handpicked properties and accommodations in each price category, offering a platter of economic, deluxe and luxury housings. We present the same to you to shortlist from them.
  • Our selected properties are qualified after thorough and extensive research in compliance to different activities and experiences planned in each individual tour proposal.
  • These accommodations and activities are reliable, refined and unconventional that may not be recognised by the regular tour operators.

Yes, there might be a question as to why we do not usually choose simple and normal lodges and hotels alongside the city limits where you can dump yourself at night. But that is not we are meant to provide; we are not limited to give you a modest sightseeing & night stay, but we operate to provide you with a vivid Kerala Experience.

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten" - Benjamin Franklin.

Catering to large groups of people

  • Our holiday plans are exclusive and customised. For example, if you are looking for a usual school and college picnic or similar kind of arrangement, unfortunately we may not be the best in offering such a service.
  • We would not be able to arrange/manage weddings and other functions alike involving a large number of people.

Why we are not able to cater our services to large groups of people

  • We believe in proffering personal care and individual attention to our esteemed clients. This tailored service may fall short when the crowds are large.
  • Our handpicked properties include Farm Stays, Plantation Stays, Jungle Lodges, Mountain Retreats, Tree Houses, Tents & Trekking camps and Home Stays, which have very limited number of rooms or inventories.

Having mentioned the above, we would like to include that ExperienceKerala provides an unusual soul captivating journey. Our vision and motto is not to deal with the regular services that are common in all places.

We do agree that there are other tour operators who exclusively deal in aspects like bulk bookings, visa documentation, basic rooms' stays, catering to large birthdays and weddings functions.

However, these kinds most of the times overlook the soul motive of vacationing. We are here to take care of the little intricacies to larger elements that comprise an unparalleled vacation along with proactive assistance on the above said aspects.