Smoking is strictly prohibited as it is banned in public places. The act of public smoking will be charged with serious offence and is punishable.


Narcotics consumption is prohibited in the State. If anyone is caught with consuming drugs, he will be charged with severe penalties which might include imprisonment.


Nudity in any beaches of Kerala is considered offensive and can be charged with penalty.

Public Behaviour

Public Demonstration of Affection (PDA) such as kissing and hugging is considered offensive and unethical in Kerala.

Temple Ethics

For the state of Kerala, their Temples are deemed to be highly sacred places of worship. Therefore, travellers should adhere to strict dress codes and footwear are supposed to be left outside the temple premises. Few temples do not permit non-Hindus.


Footwear is not allowed to be worn inside homes and should be removed outside. Also they are strictly not permitted in temples and other sacred abodes.

Wild Life Sanctuaries

Tourists have to take prior appointment from respective officials or authorities to visit some of the wild life sanctuaries. For further details about specific rules and permissions, follow the link