Bungee Jumping is for the brave. It isn’t your ordinary adventure sport. It is considered an extreme adventure. So if you have defeated your fear of jumping from a height, you sure do have a daredevil personality. For people jumping for the first time, it can be an overwhelming experience to throw themselves off a tower into the unknown. It really is a mental obstacle. But when you’ve convinced your mind to do bungee jumping, you can hardly wait for the second one. You know how your body will respond, and you think, ‘That was easy, I’m going once more.’

For wary explorers, we have put together these tips to help beginner jumpers to beat their fear of heights:

1. Just go for it

Woman bungee jumping

Your fear of heights won’t go away if you merely watch others jump. The way out is to take that leap of faith. The more you think, the more time you will spend rationalising and making excuses not to do it. Jump before the countdown ends. If you let the individual finish the countdown, odds are you won’t jump.

2. Wear comfy clothes

Wear jumpsuits, T-shirts, or shorts. Do not wear skirts, dresses or heels. You will be able to jump either with shoes or barefoot. But make a point to tie your shoelaces properly.

3. Do not eat before the jump

Jumping on an empty stomach is preferable; you do not want to puke while you are at it.

4. Do not carry anything

Carrying mobile, camera, jewellery or anything else is not permitted. So, leave them in the locker or with your friends or your family.

5. Read the form before signing it

Do not go for a bungee jump if you have any chronic disorders like backache, heart problem, etc. It will be mentioned in the form.

6. Make safety your priority

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Ensure you choose a reputable organisation with high security and risk management methods set up. Your safety should be paramount. Check if the organisation uses two points of joining the bungee cord to every client. Have they been practising for long?

7. Believe in yourself

One of the significant difficulties a first time bungee jumper faces is getting their minds around the reality they are going to jump off a great height. It is anything but natural, and there will be nerves. First-time jumpers need to understand this, believe in themselves, and realise that they CAN do this.

8. Trust the Jump Masters

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Jump Masters of reputed companies undertake a long, thorough training to become a certified Jump Master. Jump as the Jump Master starts the countdown. Do not wait – the more you think about it, the more difficult it will be. Simply JUMP!

9. Select your surroundings mindfully

Bungee jumping is about the entire experience, not only the jump. The surroundings can make all the difference. Make sure to choose a comfortable, picturesque place, so you enjoy it in its entirety.

10. You will be addicted after your first jump

Caution: Bungee Jumping is extremely addictive! When you complete your first jump, be prepared to have this excellent feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment, you did it. If you have jumped, you’re going to wish to bungee once more, over and over!

Bungee jumping is certainly one of the ultimate must-do activities. When you complete your jump, you can brag about it forever. It would make for a cool story that you would love to tell your future children/grandchildren! Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a daredevil, or somebody who needs to overcome a fear, here are some things you must NOT do while bungee jumping.

1. Do not hesitate

This is it. Consider it a ‘no calling it quits’ circumstance where you just have to do this. Do not think about backing out once you sign up for it. Trust the jump master and just follow what he says. Shut out everything else other than that person’s voice. You got this!

2. Do not just go with the first bungee jumping company that you come across

Bungee jumping is risky business– it is an extreme adventure sport, after all, so do not simply choose the first organisation that you see. Invest some time to read about the organisation to look at their reputation. Do they fulfil standard security measures? Do they upgrade their equipment regularly? Your safety is of utmost importance; take the time to check the organisation’s history! Reputable organisations are always trustworthy and recommended.

3. Do not look down

When jumping, make sure you never look down, just do not. You will end up getting your mind filled with a lot of questions and fears. Do not try to talk yourself out of it. Instead, enjoy the view and talk to your friends. Look at the beautiful skyline and give yourself credit for having the guts to choose to do it in any case.

4. Do not go alone

Bring a friend or two! The experience will be much more fun when you share it with your loved ones, even if they are only there to see you jump and support you! And if they decide to jump with you, it’s even better.

5. Do not over-think it

Overthinking ruins everything– it will fill your mind with fear. Make sure to divert your thoughts until the time you have to jump and make the most of it.

6. Do not forget to celebrate this moment

Woman screaming with joy as she jumps

Scream at the top of your lungs! Rejoice in this breathtaking moment of your life where you overcame your fear. You deserve a pat on your back for having the guts to do it. Go celebrate with your friends and family after you’ve finished your jump successfully.
Hopefully, this article will help you take that leap of faith. Trust us! It is nothing like anything you have ever experienced, and the sense of accomplishment afterwards is unmatched.

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