According to a famous proverb, ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’, but the great person who came up with that probably never visited Cochin. Because, once you have been to this fascinating coastal city, and even more; photographed them, you’ll know why it’s called the Queen of the Arabian Sea and probably never forget the picture in your mind. We’ve put together a list of the best Instagrammable spots in Kochi.


Marine Drive


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A 140-meter long walking path with a magnificent view of the backwaters of Kochi, especially at sunrise and sunset. The path, which stretches from the Jankar Jetty in the north to the Ernakulam Boat Jetty in South, is dotted with various shopping malls and fast food joints on one side and a picturesque ocean view on the other. This makes it the most Instagrammable place in Kerala, a scene where visitors throng in numbers to grab their favourite viewing spot. There’s also a Rainbow bridge to pass from one side to other, which is a good sight to watch at night. You have numerous Insta opportunities at this place.


Fort Cochin Township


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India’s First European Township will not disappoint photography lovers. There’s something to capture about, in almost every nook and corner here- the rich history and heritage. The influx of the Dutch, Portuguese, British and Jewish colonies have made the city’s landscape truly intriguing and remarkably photogenic. Visit the Old Quarter, explore the quaint streets, Dutch cemetery and take a break at a local café here. There are many unique architectural and cultural spots to be explored in this area, which makes it a classic Instagram spot in Kerala.


Chinese Fishing Nets


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Colloquially known as the ‘Cheena Vala’, the Chinese Fishing nets, over the period-of-time, have become the iconic scenes of Cochin. You’ll be curiously drawn to it, to find out how fishermen make their livelihood using these Chinese Fishing Nets, which has quickly become one the most photographed sites in Kerala. These are basically vast fishing nets which are fixed on bamboo and teak poles. Large stones are tied to the ropes to weigh them down into the sea through a unique mechanism. Once a significant amount of fishes are caught, they have pulled back again by tugging the ropes, the whole process is a spellbinding experience to watch. Visit for the relaxed atmosphere, and capture the Chinese Fishing nets at the backdrop of clear waters. During the sunset, their silhouette makes up for a marvellous Instagram post. Likes and comments will be just a matter of time!


St.Francis Church


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One of the oldest European churches in India also makes up for one of the most classical Insta pics for your profile. The building’s façade and architecture are truly alluring and you can capture it in your lens. The majestic grandeur and simplicity of this Portuguese architecture will leave you captivated. The building in itself is rich in history and Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama was originally buried here.  St. Francis Church is open seven days a week, from morning to evening.


Jew Street


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The little township of one of the oldest settlements in India, and happens to be a good place to experiment with your cameras. Don’t be lost in the narrow lanes but keep looking for a new Insta moment after every turn. Kerala saw the arrival of first Jews as early as 11th century BC. They came here as merchants and sent back ivory, monkeys and parrots to the Kingdom of Israel.

You can easily cover this place on foot and capture various antique items on offer here.  You can take snaps of Home-décor items, embroideries, and other treasured items. It’s a nice place to ace up your street photography skills.


Cherai Beach

Situated on the north side of Vypin Island, the Cherai Beach is a timeless beauty for a timeless capture. It’s one of the best beaches of Kerala and with its picturesque setting and clean surroundings; it has become a photographer’s paradise. With a perfect mix of Sea and the Backwaters, Cherai is one place where you can capture multiple aspects of nature. The beach is filled with seashells of several shapes and dotted with green groves and paddy field.


Kadamakudy Island


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Just as 15 km drive from the main Cochin city will land you here at a surprisingly charming place. A cluster of 14 islands, this place is bustling with agricultural activities, toddy tapping and fishing. The lush green landscape all around provides the perfect canvass for your Instagram art. If you’re lucky, you can also watch some rare and exotic birds in this region. Explore the hypnotic shades and many aspects of rustic life here, at Kadamakkudy Island.


Dutch Palace


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Also known as the Mattancherry Palace, it’s a Portuguese Palace built around 1545 CE and presented as a gift to the then king of Kochi. Situated at 12 km distance from the Ernakulam city, it stands out as one of the finest examples of Keralite architecture sprinkled with colonial influences. Today it’s been converted into a rich museum having an array of antique exhibits.

An Insta-post with this majestic property in the frame is a must-have in your Insta portfolio because photography is prohibited inside the property.


Dhobi Khana


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Sometimes it’s the unusual spots that bring out more likes on your Instagram posts. And this Dhobi Khana is indeed a unique place to visit and capture. Located on the Veli street in Fort Kochi area, from a distance it seems like handle the entire Kochi city’s laundry needs. The laundry service here was started by the Portuguese and the facility was upgraded and area rebranded as ‘Dhobi Khana’ in the year 1975. There are about 40-45 cubicles and you can see them in action, soaking clothes in bleach and detergent water.

It is fascinating to capture the daily lives of these washermen, performing their tasks with utmost dedication, clothes fluttering over the green grass, and sharing the scene with the world.

While most of the ironing is done with electrical iron, look out for the traditional charcoal ones also. Also, interestingly you can notice that while they handle massive quantity, they don’t clip their clothes to keep the clothes from falling from the wind. Instead, they just tuck clothes between the ropes and it works to effect.


Kumbalangi Backwaters


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While most of the crowd are headed towards Alleppey or Kumarakom, Kumbalangi is a hidden treasure. You can enjoy the silence of the fishing village, with mangrove trees and Chinese fishing nets all around and rich aquatic life to company you. You can capture some daily scenes as it unfolds here, or various traditional fishing equipment and handicrafts. It’s a treat to experiment with your camera in the unspoiled and pristine natural surroundings of Kumbalangi backwaters.




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Located at a distance of only 5 km from Ernakulam, Vypin provides a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Vypin Island, spread over an area of about 25 km, is connected to Kochi by Goshree bridges and is a very accessible place. Once you’re here, there are plenty of sights to be captured, Dutch and Portuguese architecture being the highlight of them. The Portuguese Azhikotta Fort here is one of the oldest European forts in India. There are some beautiful beaches to be explored here- Cherai beach, Kuzhupilly beach and Puthuvype beach.  You can also capture the traditional fishing boats, lighthouses (about 10 here) and a surreal sunset scene here. The Vembanad Lake merges with the Arabian Sea here, making Vypin one of the best Instagrammable spots of Kochi.




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A quaint little island where peace beckons you. It’s basically a small suburban village on the outskirts of Kochi. The landscape around is so green and fresh that you’ll enjoy your photography tour here on any weather day. You can find your moment or two, to relax and take snaps as it’s not that much-commercialized place right now. Panangad feels like a beautiful painting by mother nature on the canvas of Kochi.


Hill Palace


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Once imperial office and residence of Cochin Maharaja is now a palace converted into a museum. The place is an Instagrammer’s paradise as there are around 49 buildings here, all in traditional architectural style. This is also Kerala’s first Heritage museum and that makes it a must-have check-in post for your Instagram profile.

The above given are some of the spots in Cochin loved by Instagrammers! Do not forget to tag @experiencekerala while you visit Cochin next time:)


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