Some are dreamers, some are travellers, some writers, while some happen to be readers, but if there’s one thing common among these passionate groups of people, it’s their love for Instagram. Thanks to Instagram’s surging popularity, it has quickly become one of the most preferred social platforms for engagement of like-minded travellers. God’s Own Country is fondly followed by Instagrammers and there are tons of strikingly beautiful pictures of Kerala out there. Here are the Top 10 appealing Instagram profiles that showcase the real beauty of Kerala.

1. my_kozhikode

Pioneering the art of Portrait photography, this Instagram profile has some of the most alluring scenes in Kerala. You can feel the richness of colours in the photographs; particularly the beach scenes. Kozhikode’s spectacular beauty is mesmerizingly captured by this Calicut based photographer, with amazingly timed composure.  The photographs are very appealing thanks to photographers rightful combination of skill and imagination.

2. kerala foodie


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This Instagram profile has got a stunning collection of food photography including some of the cuisines of Kerala. Each of the photos has a different perspective to see from, but that’s not what makes this Instagram profile unique.

3. kerala_views


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Bringing the best out of everyday scenes that we may not easily notice, this Instagram profile takes our imagination to a different level where we would never venture. While attention to details of the subject is noteworthy here, it is amazing to see how colourful and fresh the picture feels here. It radiates exuberance. Whether it’s the devotees visiting the iconic Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, or two people taking a walk on a railway track amidst lush green landscape, there’s something for everyone on this page.

4. kochigrams


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Kochi’s vast geographic beauty is remarkably captured in this Insta profile. This profile consists of human subjects, depicting an emotional side of them, as well as nature’s bounty, which feels like a picture on a postcard. The images breathe out and make you feel fresh almost instantaneously. The shots look carefully thought and planned out too.

Take, for example, the happy young girl, taking a leap on her way to school, in front of a beautiful church, in the backdrop of sunlight. All the aspects are captured charmingly here. This profile also boasts of some good drone photography which makes you feel like visiting that place in real. It has a good collection of travel photographs of Kochi city, the commercial capital of Kerala.

5. nte_keralam

If travel photography is all about creativity and passion, this profile nails it like no other. A penchant for creativity, combined with precisely executed camera skills, this profile has a collection of some marvellous perspectives. In one of his shots, you can see the iconic yellow and red livery KSRTC bus taking a turn on a hilly road amidst the greenery; while in another picture you can see a Keralite man making his away along the paddy fields of Kerala on a rainy day. Most of the clicks are natural, technically sound and nicely framed, making it a visual treat for viewers.

6. ilovekochi


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You’ll be pleased to have a peek into this profile’s portfolio, which is full of different emotions, perspectives and seasons of Kerala. Capturing some of the idyllic settings is one thing, and putting it through a series of quality-enhancing editing work, is another. The result is striking photography that straightaway captures your imagination. The scene of small fishermen boats parked in front of a cruise vessel captures scenes of irony at its best. The illuminated night landscape of Kochi feels hypnotizing to your senses. And some more of Kochi countryside, each of which has a story to tell. This profile is a must-visit.

7. keralatourism


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This is one Instagram profile where you can stumble across some creative photographs of life in Kerala. Full credit goes to over 2 lakhs of followers for creating such stunning storylines and capturing some familiar Kerala scenes that everybody can relate to.  Take for example one photo in Kerala houseboat drifts slowly in the serene backwaters of Kuttanad, or the photo of iconic Kathakali dance, which takes one up to 12 years to learn thoroughly. The collections here are vastly content-oriented, marvellous and very eye-pleasing.

8. keralaphotos

A fascinating Insta profile that truly lives up to its name. This is a remarkable collection of mind-blowing photography and artwork. keralaphotos covers everyday aspects of Kerala, so much that you tend to associate with every photo you see here. Take for example the Appam and Chicken curry which is the all-time dish of Malayalees. It is so beautifully captured on a banana leaf that it’ll leave you wanting for it. Equally charming is another shot in which a street vendor prepares hot Kerala Chaya (Tea) in a rainy season. You’ve gotta check out this wonderful profile.

9. welovekochi


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The fancier a profile name is, the greater is the onus on it to justify it, but welovekochi perfectly nails it. Just a glimpse of this profile will tell you the rationale behind its name. Soul-touching and simply mesmerizing collection of Kochi photography, this one is sure to leave you wanting for more. Silhouette photography, wide-angle evening shots, scenes of people Keralites enjoying the rain, lush green landscapes, Chinese fishing nets, the rare double-decker bus by KSRTC, and whatnot, you’ll find everything here. But what catches our attention is the perfect picture of few boatmen paddling along in the clear sky with few birds taking off in the background. The pic has an apt caption ‘The best journey always takes us home’. And needless to say, that’s truly soul-touching.

10. kerala.tourism


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Easily, one of the best Instagram profiles on Kerala, this one inspires you to travel God’s own country for an experience of a lifetime. Misty clouds, abstract moments, scenic shots, aerial photography, beautiful mountains, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Almost all the photographs go through heavy filtering, enhancing the beauty of the clicks. It has some of the best collection of the landscape as well as aerial photographs of Kerala.  Also, there are some random clicks and moments that may touch your heart. One such is a jumbo, the state animal of Kerala, cautiously crossing the roads. There’s another picture of the picturesque Jatayu’s Earth Center in Kollam.

Even though not among the top followed profiles, why don’t you take a look at Experience Kerala’s Instagram profile too?



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After looking at the profiles, we are sure you want to try a holiday in Kerala. Why not plan a trip right here!

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