When the question is about food, the state of Kerala never disappoints its guests. But that is something we would obviously expect from the ‘Land of Spices’. Because of its unique flavours and aromatic spices, the state’s cuisine has many mouth watering dishes to offer. Especially famous are the authentic breakfast delicacies of Kerala. They not only please your taste buds but also excite your eyes. So it’s natural that you would fall in love with them. Kerala breakfast is actually one of the main reasons why many travelers find it really hard to say good-bye to the state. In fact, it is even listed among the top 5 favourite breakfasts of the world by Travel+ Leisure Magazine.

Have a look at some of the must-try breakfast delicacies in the Kerala cuisine.

Appam with Stew

Appam looks like a thin white pancake. It is made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is one of the most popular breakfast delicacies of Kerala. Sometimes people eat it at dinner as well. There are varieties of Appam. Their names are Palappam, Vellayappam, Idiyappam and Kallappam. Appam tastes best when you eat it with vegetable or chicken stew

Puttu (Steam Cake) and Kadala Curry

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Puttu is again a highly popular breakfast delicacy in South India. Rice is ground finely and then layered with grated coconut while being steamed. The steamed rice is then shaped like a cylinder. The result is Puttu. The most common side dish for Puttu is Kadala Curry (Black Chickpeas). Puttu also tastes good with banana or palm sugar.

Idiyappam and Egg Curry

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Idiyappam looks like white-coloured noodles. Rice flour is mixed with salt, pressed to form strands of noodles and then steamed. It looks simple but tastes really good. People eat it with potato, fish, egg or meat curry and coconut chutney. But the most famous side dish for Idiyappam is egg curry. Some of the local people even eat Idiyappam with coconut milk and sugar.

Kallappam with Fish Curry

Kallappam looks very much like a normal Appam. The only difference is that, in Kallappam, some ‘Kallu’ (Toddy) is put in the batter for it to ferment. In some places where toddy is not available, people add yeast to the batter. Since ‘Kallu’ is put in the batter, the dish gets the name ‘Kallappam’. People of Kerala eat Kallappam with fish or chicken curry and sometimes with coconut chutney.

Pathiri with Chicken Curry

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Pathiri is a breakfast delicacy which is quite popular among the Muslim families in Kerala. Dough of rice flour is made into small balls and then pressed using a special Pathiri press. Pathiri tastes really good with chicken stew or curry. Prawn Pathiri is a special type of Pathiri. Spicy prawn curry is cooked in the form of a thick paste. The semi-solid curry is put in between two thick pathiris and the Pathiris are then steamed or roasted in a pan.

Malabar Parotta with Beef Curry

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Malabar Parotta is a crisp yet soft paratha with flaky thin layers. Basically, it is unleavened flatbread. Since it has layers, the paratha properly soaks any curry that it’s had with. In Kerala, people prefer eating Malabar Parotta with wet and spicy beef curry. You might get the Malabar Parotta in many cities of the country but you can’t compare them with the ones you get in Kerala.

Idly with Sambar and Chutney

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Idly is something the whole of South India is crazy about. Every South Indian family eats idly at least once a week. The white steamed cake made from rice flour is one of the healthiest food items in the world. People usually cut idly into small pieces, mix it a bowl of hot sambar and eat it with a spoon. Some also eat idly after dipping it in coconut or peanut chutney.

Dosa with Sambar and Chutney

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Dosa is the Indian version of pancake. Although popular throughout the country, the tastiest dosas can only come from South India’s kitchens. A fermented batter of rice flour is poured and spread over an oiled pan and the result is dosa. There are various side dishes that go well with dosa. Popular among them are sambar, potato curry and coconut chutney.


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Upma is another traditional breakfast dish of South India. It looks like thick and semi-dry porridge. The main ingredient in Upma is semolina or rice flour. The other important ingredients are mustard seeds, chopped onions, cumin, salt and curry leaves. Cashew nuts, peanuts and some vegetables may be added while preparing Upma depending on the individual’s preferences.


Pazhamkanji is another traditional breakfast of Kerala. To prepare Pazhamkanji, rice is soaked in water, stored in an earthen clay pot and then left to ferment overnight. It is usually eaten with mango pickle or some other tangy side dish. Since Pazhamkanji has rare vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, its health benefits are many.

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