When travelling as a couple or with family and friends, many tourists hire a car for easy transportation. It is definitely the smartest thing to do. Public transportation, on the other hand, can be too time-consuming and it can make the holiday seem hectic. Therefore, the whole point of a vacation is lost. But even with taking a car, many travelers make the mistake of hiring a local taxi driver instead of a professional chauffeur. They fail to realize the fact that a holiday experience, to a large extent, depends on choosing the right driver. We don’t want you to make the same mistake.

But before deciding what to do, consider the following reasons as to why hiring a chauffeur is a far better idea than hiring a taxi driver.

  • Availability: When you hire a local taxi driver, you might have to adjust your itinerary depending on his timing and availability. But with a chauffeur, that won’t be a problem. He will adjust his schedule depending on when and where you want to go. If you like a place very much and want to stay longer, the chauffeur will happily wait for as long as you want. And that can be a big advantage.
  • Better Experience: A chauffeur knows the best time of the day to visit a particular sightseeing or activity spot. His expertise can really make a lot of difference. And most important, a chauffeur knows the best places to eat in the area. He’ll make sure you don’t have any bad experience with food. So the overall holiday experience becomes a lot more enjoyable when you have a chauffeur along with you.
  • Tour Guide: A chauffeur is not just a driver who takes you to different places. Since he has good communication skills which are accompanied with a proper knowledge of all the tourist attractions, a chauffeur can be a friendly tour guide as well.
  • Easier access: In a few sightseeing or activity spots, you might have to stand in long queues before you enter in. A chauffeur can help you avoid such queues. He has some great tricks up his sleeve that turn out to be a great advantage for you. For example, he would know just the right time as to when a place would have shorter queues. He can also easily help to find the queues for women.
  • Photography: A chauffeur can always take great pictures at just the right spot and from just the right angle. So you can spare yourself the pain of getting your selfies right.
  • Safety: Since you’re in a foreign land, you need to feel safe and secure. A chauffeur is a local person who knows and understands the place inside out. So he is going to be your silent guardian throughout your trip and you can feel safe. But he won’t be too close to you like a parent so as to interfere in your holiday. Neither is he going to be too far. He’ll take care of things from the background and you will never feel lost.
  • Emergency: In case of any unfortunate emergency, a chauffeur would know the exact protocol. He’ll make sure you don’t panic. He will also be able to help with any minor issue you have during your trip. A local taxi driver, however, may not really bother about your personal circumstances.
  • Temple visits: If you want to visit a local temple during your trip, a chauffeur can be of great help. He can help you understand the temple ethics so that you don’t hurt the sentiments of any devotees. He can also inform you of any temple rules that you must follow e.g. dress code, footwear etc. You would be happy to know that a chauffeur could even drape a dhoti for you in case you’re in the mood of looking like a local person.
  • Childcare: If you’re a couple with a toddler, the chauffeur will be happy to take care of the toddler just in case you feel like going to a particular spot or place by yourself. For example, if you want to go close to a waterfall or on top of a hill, you may not be able to take your toddler along. Your toddler will be safe with the chauffeur while the two of you make the most of the experience.
  • Shopping: A chauffeur knows where you can get the best souvenirs, spices or sarees at the most reasonable prices. Usually shopkeepers quote exorbitant prices as soon as they see that you’re from another land. A chauffeur can help you escape this misery. He masters the art of bargaining as well.

In view of the above factors, isn’t it obvious that hiring a chauffeur for a holiday is an excellent idea even if it costs a little extra? Make the right choice and enjoy a great holiday.

Some things to keep in mind before hiring a chauffeur:

  • Many travelers make the mistake of thinking that a chauffeur is nothing more than a servant. So they don’t speak and deal with him in a respectful way. But it’s really important to treat the chauffeur in a friendly manner, giving him the respect that the humble man truly deserves.
  • Each traveler has different preferences. So the chauffeur may not always know what you are expecting from your holiday. Make sure to talk to him properly at the beginning of your trip. That way, he can get to know you and your preferences. It will help him guide you in a better way. He will quickly adjust to your preferences and schedule.
  • If you’re happy with his services, make sure to tip him well just as you would tip the hotel staff. You would be putting a smile on his face. You may be helping him collect money for his child’s education or to get food on his table. Or maybe you’re helping him slowly clear off a mortgage. A good deed is always appreciated.


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