One of the most unique accommodation facilities offered in the state of Kerala is the ‘Home Stay’ accommodation. Ideal for long holidays, a homestay is generally a house or bungalow equipped with comforts and facilities needed for travellers. Home Stays provide travellers with a pure experience of Kerala’s warmth and tradition, two inseparable aspects of a Malayali’s temperament. You will find a number of homestays throughout the state of Kerala. They are especially popular in lands like Alleppey, Thekkady, Munnar and Cochin.

Read ahead to find out five reasons why you should choose a homestay accommodation for at least one or two nights during a vacation in Kerala.

  1. Peaceful Ambience

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Homestays in Kerala are located in silent colonies which are far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The calm and quiet environment you experience in and around the homestay contributes to a pleasant and relaxing holiday. Unlike hotels and resorts, home stays can accommodate only a few guests at once. Since there are fewer fellow travellers and sometimes none, you can expect a noise-free atmosphere. The traditional architecture of the homestay, its humble yet elegant interiors and the lighter shades of colour on the walls and ceilings add to the overall serenity of the place.

  1. Authentic Homely Food

The real taste of Kerala food can only come when it’s the hands of an experienced Kerala mom that prepares it. No food served at any luxury hotel or resort can even come close to the authentic taste in the food that comes from her kitchen. So as a traveller, if you want to delight your taste buds with such homely food, a homestay is where you need to be. Prepared with loving hands of the homemaker of the house, the food is rich with local flavours and ‘Masala’ (Spice). A traditional ‘Masala’ grinder is used to grind the ‘masala’ at home itself. You start feeling at home the moment you take the first morsel in your mouth. Don’t get on your flight without tasting the homely food of Kerala.

  1. Traditional Hospitality

Homestays are usually run by warm and welcoming families. So travellers get to experience what it’s like to be part of a Keralite family. The host family genuinely considers you to be a member of its own family. You never, even for a single moment, feel like a guest. The first-hand experience of the culture and traditional values of Kerala you get at a homestay leaves an indelible impression on the mind. Interaction with the cheerful hosts leads to interesting conversations about the family’s history or Kerala’s colourful traditions. Even the moral values of the children in the house do not fail to impress. The more time you spend at a homestay, the more you realize the fact that Home stays truly define the ‘home away from home’ experience.

  1. Quality time with Family and Friends.

As already discussed, homestays have a calm and peaceful atmosphere and offer a home away from home experience. Therefore, you can certainly expect to have quality time with family and friends. The relaxing activities offered at the homestay create opportunities for families and friends further strengthen their bond. Since you get to interact with the host family, the conversations with them and each other can be endless. The loud laughs at the dinner table, the late night conversations in the living room, the walks through the large outdoor spaces and the sips of hot coffee in the porch are moments you would never want to forget.

  1. Value for Money Stay

A holiday in the state of Kerala should actually be quite economical. That is because visiting tourist attractions and enjoying activities wouldn’t cost a lot. But most times, the money spent on accommodation leave your pockets empty. The feeling that you spent more money than you should have can be painful. Homestays make sure you don’t experience that pain. For the comforts and facilities you receive at a homestay, the money you spend is very less. You get spacious accommodation, cordial hospitality, great local food and several modern comforts at a reasonable price. And we all know that, at the end of your holiday, there’s no better feeling than to realize that you had a value for money experience.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there is another special reason why many travellers prefer home stay accommodation. When you stay at a resort or hotel, you’re probably helping the owner buy a mansion, an expensive watch or some large property in a foreign country. But when you choose homestay accommodation for your holiday, the money goes to the local people. You’re helping the family earn a living. You’re helping them collect money for their child’s education or get food on their table. Or maybe You’re helping them pay off their mortgage. Remember that when you pick a homestay accommodation, you’re helping someone in real need.

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