Are you planning to embark on a journey in God’s own country? Do you know the specialties you must try there before coming back? Why? You may ask. Simply because you will not find them elsewhere. Without further ado, we present the 30 things that you will only find in Kerala.

Best Ayurveda

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We all know how critical it is for us to maintain our health at its peak functioning level. Ayurveda helps us achieve this naturally and in a simple way. Kerala is famous for its Ayurveda treatments because it benefits all people.

Best Spices

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A dish establishes its identity with its flavors. The dishes in Kerala owe their flavors to the spices. So, if you want a flavorful and mouth-watering meal, then you must purchase the spices from Kerala. They are rich as well as authentic.


Kerala women decorating the floorImage Source

The annual harvest festival is known as Onam in Kerala. It is one of the many auspicious festivals that are celebrated with great vigor and pomp. The whole state comes alive during this festival.


Vishu SadhyaImage Source

The people of Kerala definitely know how to celebrate the new year well. The festival is known as Vishu and involves copious amounts of delicacies.


Kerala sadhya

If you have not tasted the Sadhya, then you have truly missed the essence of eating in Kerala. Simply put, it means ‘feast’. Traditionally, Sadhya is served on an entire banana leaf and consists of an array of different dishes.

Delectable Cuisine

Malabar BiryaniImage Source

The cuisine of this state has many mouth-watering dishes such as the Appam, Puttu – Kadala Curry, Idiyappam, Malabar Biriyani, Naadan Kozhi Curry, Cassava and of course, the Dosa – Sambar.


Kathakali artist during performanceImage Source

Kathakali is one of the most graceful classical dances in India. It captivates the audience by portraying a story through dance. It is characterized by heavy make-up as well as colorful costumes.


Kalaripayattu in the outdoorsImage Source

This is one of the most formidable forms of martial arts known to have originated in Kerala. It is based on the ancient knowledge of the human body and literally translates to ‘practice in the arts of the battlefield’.

Backwater Canoe Cruise

Tourist on a Kerala canoe

One of the primary things everyone notices about Kerala is the scenic backwaters. You can enjoy this view on a canoe cruise. Sail through the greenery and enjoy one of your most peaceful moments.


Houseboat in KeralaImage Source

There are several houseboats available on rent in Kerala. They are luxurious and equipped with all the necessary amenities. You can spend your day amid the gentle waters as you cruise along.

Tug of War

Tug of war in KeralaImage Source

This game is a part of the festivities held during the Onam festival. It is quite the popular event in Kerala as many teams fight it out against one another in a show of strength.

Coir Handicrafts

Coir products in KeralaImage Source

Kerala is famous for its eco-friendly handicrafts that are winning the hearts of people. Apart from looking beautiful, these handicrafts are also quite useful in your homes. They range from fans to baskets in variety.

Nettipattam for Elephants

Elephants with NettipattamImage Source

Nettipattam is a traditional and glittering ornament that is placed on the foreheads of the elephants during festivals. These have specialized artisans dedicated to their making.


Toddy with non-vegImage Source

The local fermented beverage that is prepared from the sap of the coconut trees is known as Toddy. T is quite popular among the locals and also the tourists who visit, especially to witness how its made.

Aranmula Mirror

Aranmula MirrorImage Source

The Aranmula Mirror is a unique handmade metal-alloy mirror that is crafted exclusively in the village of Aranmula. It is usually a hand mirror with intricate borders decorating it.

Kasavu Mundu (Dhoti)

Mundu in KeralaImage Source

Kasavu Mundu is a traditional garment for men. It is a pure cotton handloom fabric with golden threads. They wear it as a dhoti.

Uru Boat

Uru boatImage Source

The Uru boat, also known as the Fat boat, is a typical wooden ship similar to a Dhow. They handcraft it in Beypore with extreme care and hard work.

Boat Race Events

Boat race in KeralaImage Source

Who has not heard about the boat races of Kerala? These boat races are held during Onam and involve competition between long, paddled boats racing against one another.

Bamboo Rafting 

bamboo raftingImage Source

This is one of the adventurous activities present in the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady. This is a once-in-a-lifetime activity that you must partake in.

Sandalwood Forest

Sandalwood forestImage Source

Marayur also spelt as Marayoor, is the only place in Kerala where sandalwood trees grow naturally. There is an intact forest, and it is absolutely heavenly to visit it.

Tree Houses

Tree houses in KeralaImage Source

The treehouses rest on sturdy trees and offer all the luxuries you could possibly want. You can rent one of these to enjoy a scenic date with your partner in the middle of nature.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Padmanabhaswamy TempleImage Source

Given the curiosity surrounding this temple, Padmanabhaswamy temple is a must-have on this list. It is the wealthiest temple in Kerala and has many stories surrounding the chambers beneath the temple.

Attukal Pongala

Kerala women preparing pongalImage Source

Attukal Pongala is a ten-day festival that is celebrated in the Attukal temple. It involves a ritualistic offering of a sweet dish known as Payasam. The main ingredients are rice, plantains, jaggery, and coconut.

Kuttanad- Lowest Altitude Destination

Kuttanad paddy fieldImage Source

The Rice Bowl of Kerala is very famous for its vast paddy fields. It has the lowest altitude in India. The farmers of Kuttanad are famous for their Biosaline farming.

Puli Kali

Tiger dance Image Source

Pulikkalior Puli Kali or the dance of the tigers is an event that occurs during the festival of Onam. It is a dance performance for the entertainment of the people.

Bahubali Falls

Athirapally FallsImage Source

This majestic Athirappilly waterfall is the highest waterfall in Kerala. It has got the name Bahubali waterfall because it was the shooting location in the Bahubali movie.

Authentic Banana Chips

Banana chipsImage Source

If you are looking for authentic banana chips, then you will only find them in Kerala. Everyone in India, whether they are North Indian or South Indian, is a fan of these chips.

Aroma Oils

Aroma OilsImage Source

Along with Ayurveda come these extravagant aroma oils that heal the body better than most medicines. Aromatherapy helps to ease the body into its natural state with the help of natural fragrances.

Cashew Nuts & Their Farms

Cashew nuts

All of us love dry fruits, and cashew nuts are a favourite among all generations. If you want good quality cashew nuts in Kerala, then visit a cashew nut farm in Kerala.

Traditional Designs Gold Jewellery

Kerala jewelleryImage Source

This is something a woman cannot ignore. In Kerala, the bride adorns gold jewelry from head to toe on the day of her wedding. The traditional look is something you will only find in Kerala.

Final Words

Kerala is a scenic destination to visit. It is rich in its culture as well as heritage. Any person who visits the state is sure to leave with a heart full of fond memories. So plan a trip to Kerala right away!

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