All around the world, people await the summer for it breathes joy and happiness not only in the environment but also in our lives. The world looks brighter, colors are more vibrant and nature comes to life. And the season brings along with it a natural wonder that we call ‘Mangoes’. Those juicy yellow balls of happiness make us the child we always wish we’d remain as. The season also reminds us of the beautiful vacation memories we enjoyed as a child. And even though we grew up, it still feels like the holiday season, doesn’t it?

But with summer comes something we all dread – scorching heat and awkward sweatiness. The world seems bright but we seem to have no energy to enjoy it. Especially in few of the hotter places on earth, things can get out of hand. The sun is on an outrage and we become its victims. But we don’t have to fall prey to the sun each time it gets angry. There are many things we can do to beat the heat. Read ahead to find out some of the best ways we can keep cool even though the environment is in the mood to burn things up.

1. Stay hydrated

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The most effective way to beat the heat outside is to keep your cool inside. And this is possible only when you stay hydrated. Water makes up most of our body. It carries minerals and nutrients to parts of our body that need it. But during summer, because of the heat and sweat, the body tends to get dehydrated. This causes us to feel low in energy, sometimes nauseated. We just want to sit and watch TV the whole. Bad idea! So it’s important that we drink more than the usual amount of water during summer. But sometimes, just water doesn’t suffice. You can replace water with butter milk or salted lime water. Because of the minerals in salt, salty cool drinks work way better than the sugary ones. But you can try switching from time to time for a change of taste. Carry some or the other drink with you no matter where you go.

2. Watch what you eat

Experts claim that food from the microwave is a big “No No” for the summer. They also recommend staying away from spicy food. So it’s better to replace hot and spicy food with the cool ones. Fill up with juicy fruits like watermelon, apples, pears, figs, oranges and strawberries. Make a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and dark leafy greens and enjoy it from time to time. And the best thing you could ever eat in the summer is yoghurt. Yoghurt gives you extra protein as well as probiotics that keep the tummy healthy. A healthy tummy means a healthy person.

3. Take good showers

Since there is more than usual humidity during summer, your body tends to collect more dirt. And summer generally marks an increase in activity which means more sweat. So lathering up more regularly is very important during this season. A good shower not only helps in removing the dirt but also keep your stress levels in check and your head remains cool. Hot shower during the summer is not a great idea. Experts say that cold water is best but lukewarm water also works quite well. But be careful not to shower too many times. It can spoil the oil balance of your skin and the skin starts to react to the heat from the sun and you wouldn’t want that. Also, avoid using harsh products on the skin during shower

4. Wear clothes appropriate for the season

The colour of your clothes and their texture make a lot of difference to how you feel during the summer. Dark coloured clothes store up the heat striking them and therefore cause irritation. Light coloured clothes do not absorb any heat. So you feel much better. It’s also important to wear clothes that are light in weight. The heavier your clothes, the more chances of you feeling suffocated. And make sure to wear cotton clothes in the summer season. That’s what our teachers taught us, didn’t they? It’s high time we take them seriously. They know how life works.

5. Tour a hill station

Hill stations are just the place to be during summer. Not only are they away from the bustling crowd but they also offer a perfect change of weather. The misty environment, exotic views and pristine natural beauty you will find at hill stations offer pleasant relaxation. That is exactly what we need in an otherwise unpleasant season.  The state of Kerala is home to many such hill stations with Munnar and Vagamon being the most famous. These hill stations offer pleasant weather, exciting activities and great accommodation facilities.

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6. Enjoy a water cruise

During summer, water becomes your best friend. The closer you are to water, the better you feel. So the best thing to do is to get inside water and enjoy a water cruise. You can do this either at the beach or in the backwaters. The waters do a great deal to remove the sting of heat and make the atmosphere breezier than usual. As you sit on a cruise, you will not only appreciate the views but also enjoy the occasional splashes of water.  Kerala offers different types of cruises – speed boating, canoe ride, houseboat cruise, sunset cruise etc.

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7. Try water sport activities

Since the world around you is lit up, the summer season is a time for adventure. What better adventure than one which has water involved! Therefore, many during the summer try water sport activities like parasailing, snorkelling and wind surfing. Find a beach that is bustling with activities and engage yourself so much so that you totally forget about the heat around you. A holiday with beach activities makes for an ideal summer vacation. In Kerala, beaches like Kovalam Beach and Varkala Beach are famous for water sports.

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