Kerala is outstanding for its beautiful backwaters which are the foundation of Kerala tourism. Its magnificence, beauty, and splendour are unrivalled and its magnificence cannot be depicted in words. A large portion of the travellers coming to Kerala to spend their holidays loves to make the most of their get-away spending time staying in the backwater cruise in Kerala and cruising over the pleasant backwater destinations. It is the perfect destination of the honeymoon couples, travellers, explorers, vacationers, and nature lovers. Come to Kerala and enjoy the magnificence of the backwater that you cannot find in any other place on the planet.

Kerala houseboat cruises are best enjoyed in Kerala’s leading Houseboats cruise that offers you the lavish lifestyle simultaneously see the show of nature from the deck. Alleppey, Kumarakom, and Kovalam are globally famous backwater destinations that offer vacationers the paramount and magnificent cruising experience. Along the shore of the backwater, there are numerous Kerala Luxury House Boats that are always prepared to take you for a houseboat cruise that allows travellers to enjoy the magnificence of Kerala coir towns, villages and the invigorating natural beauty.

Best Houseboat cruises in Kerala

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Situated at the southern coast of India, Kumarakom gets a well balanced tropical weather. Nature has worked its charm to perfection particularly its backwater’s beauty merits praise. Kumarakom houseboat cruise not just offers you the enchanting views of the refreshing natural beauty and yet usual leisure time that undoubtedly wins your love with the marvel and excellence. Holiday package on the houseboat at Kumarakom offers out of this world experience at Kumarakom.

Apart from these, there are a few other backwater destinations in Kerala that also are worth cruising around and offer you important cruising experience. Kollam, Kottayam, Kasargod, Kozhikode, Cochin, Kuttanad, Thiruvananthapuram, Thiruvallam, and so forth are some other beautiful backwater destinations of Kerala. Cochin is globally famous and has a famous name, “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. The majority of the backwater trip in Kerala starts and finishes at Cochin. In these delightful backwaters, you will see numerous Kerala Luxury House Boats that will take the travellers for the journey into the universe of wonderments that offers tourists and sightseers with one of a kind experience to treasure for a lifetime.

Make the most of your tour with Kerala Luxury House Boat

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Picture a beautiful houseboat cruise floating over serene water with awesome natural beauty. You are in the houseboat. You see coconut trees, rice fields, villages and towns and a few people going about their everyday life. Tweeting birds flying over your Kerala Luxury House Boat captivate you with their sweet melodies. Around evening time you feel peace all around. Furthermore, obviously, the sound of water waves removes your loneliness and captivates you as though it needed to say something to you. In the event that this is your idea of your vacation, then the amazing backwaters of Kerala are just for you. This is the heaven in the Indian state of Kerala – likewise fondly known as the God’s Own Country. Backwaters of Kerala are an enormous network of lakes, channels, lagoons, rivers, bays, and so forth lying parallel to the Arabian Sea Coast – also called the Malabar Coast.

Nature has favoured Kerala backwaters remarkably as though it had poured all its love here. Backwaters here are rich in flora and fauna. When you will be on your backwater visit to Kerala, you will see the remarkable ecosystem here. You will have chance to see a few extraordinary types of aquatic life (crabs, frogs, mudskippers, and so forth), water birds (kingfishers, cormorants, darters, and so on) and creatures (tortoises, turtles, otters, and so forth) living in and nearby the backwaters. You will likewise have the chance to see some of the fascinating fauna close by the backwaters. For example, there are palm coconut trees, shrubberies, and a few leafy plants. Fascinating fauna found close by the backwaters give a green tone to the encompassing scenes that are attractive.

Have luxury boathouse for a honeymoon in Kerala

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Individuals from all over the world set out on Kerala backwater visits and enjoy amazing excellence of nature closely. Backwaters here are extremely an incredible treat for nature lovers. Because of outstanding natural excellence, tranquil environment, and astounding sightseeing options, backwaters here are likewise extremely famous among honeymoon couples. Honeymoon couples from all around the globe visit Kerala to make the most of its backwater charm. Backwaters here give a tranquil and romantic atmosphere to honeymoon couples. The atmosphere here at the backwater destinations of Kerala is ideal for honeymoons. Enjoying a backwater cruise in Kerala is really an extraordinary experience of a lifetime.

The best way to experience the backwaters is by either a houseboat journey or boat trip. One can’t think backwaters here without enjoying a houseboat trip here. The houseboats here are exceptionally well known among visitors from all through the world as the tourism attraction. Houseboats are the noticeable attractions of backwater visits in Kerala. Houseboats are lavishness packed and equipped with modern amenities having ac rooms, kitchen, and eating space. A backwater cruise in Kerala over tranquil and picturesque backwaters brings you into the universe of water, wonderment, and mind-blowing nature. It likewise takes to the outskirts of wildlife and bird sanctuaries like Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary.

Choose your preferred Houseboat cruise in Kerala

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There are many backwater destinations like Alleppey and Kumarakom are speckled with many houseboat cruise operators. Kumarakom houseboat and Alleppey houseboat visits are exceptionally famous among honeymoon couples as well as travellers. There are around 1000 houseboats running in this wonderful state of Kerala. A few organizations and tour operators offer Kerala houseboat cruises packages. Well, get geared up to enjoy the ceaseless appeal of houseboat cruise in Kerala over the stunning backwaters.

Have you at any point imagined that the euphoric mood of paradise can be felt staying on earth? Have you ever believed that heaven on earth exists or have you ever thought to make a visit? If not, here’s the superb chance to experience and enjoy the magnificence that is beyond visual and verbal portrayals.

Welcome to Kerala in India, an outstanding state cradled in the midst of the immaculate Arabian Sea and the high hill the Western Ghats. It has great natural beauty and top tourist attractions that magnets vacationers from all throughout the world. The sparkling beauty of nature exists as backwaters, hill stations, beaches, and outlandish widely varied flora and fauna, and so forth. However, among every one of the attractions, Kerala backwater captivates vacationers the most.

Kerala Luxury House Boat

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Welcome to Kerala in India, a beautiful state cradled amidst the pristine Arabian Sea and the high hill the Western Ghats. It features the beauty of nature and enigmatic attractions that charms tourists from all over the world. The state has backwaters, hill stations, beaches, and exotic flora and fauna, etc. But among all the attractions, Kerala backwater enchants tourists the most.

Kerala backwaters are the most amazing destination visited by an enormous number of sightseers consistently. It is here the beauty of Kerala revolves as the greater part of the travellers seeking tours or getaways love to stay in the backwater cruise in Kerala cruising over the beautiful backwater. Specked with tall coconut trees the backwater of Kerala gives you an astonishing view on the nature that will clearly get your heart and leave you enchanted.

Traditional Kerala houseboat

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These amazingly lovely backwaters are the most liked and incorporated into Kerala backwater visits or the packages offered by the tour operators. Most of all, the houseboat or Kettuvallam make the tour over these beautiful backwaters extremely brilliant. They are locally made boats by utilizing local raw materials. The most astounding fact about the houseboat is that not a single nail is utilized in making these. It is one of the most intriguing facts about these houseboats but it is hard to believe.

In Kerala, houseboats have the name ‘Kettuvellam’. They a promise a beautiful journey over the enchanting backwaters. In earlier days, houseboats were utilized to move products from the field to the city in Kerala. But with the introduction of the goods transportation networks, bridges, and roads, Kettuvellam lost its significance. Yet, presently they are again back in Kerala as the major attraction of travellers. Without houseboats in a backwater, it is difficult to see the magnificence of pleasant backwater and the fascinating environment of Kerala. Houseboats are additionally the perfect destination for honeymoons and family holiday. You can enjoy the colourful excellence of nature and interesting views of villages. In fact, Kerala houseboat cruises give visitors to make the most of their visit to Kerala in an awesome way which they will love to treasure forever.

Enjoy Backwater cruise in Kerala

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On your Backwater visits, you have an awesome chance to enjoy a houseboat tour in Kumarakom. Kumarakom is a beautiful village with a group of islands on the bank of Vembanad Lake. It is famous for its backwater destination and the intriguing bird sanctuary. Here one can enjoy the tour over the beautiful backwaters. You will also love the dazzling view of the birds twittering in their sweet tone. Adjacent to these you can likewise enjoy tour over the beautiful backwater of Alleppey – the Venice of the East, Kuttanad – Rice Bowl of India, Cochin – Queen of Arabian Sea, and so forth. These whole backwater destinations are incredibly lovely and give you a pure atmosphere to enjoy the vacation in Kerala in a great and unforgettable way.

Aside from all these, the warm hospitality, as well as the world-class accommodation facilities made accessible by the resorts and hotels of Kerala, have genuinely helped in the increase of sightseers. Plan your visit to Kerala and enjoy a backwater journey over the beautiful backwater that will offer you an extraordinary experience to relish forever.

Explore the Land of God’s Own Country with Kerala houseboat cruises

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Kerala is one of the most well-known tourist destinations in India. Its immaculate natural magnificence warm hospitality, world-class accommodation, flavorful foods, and enticing backwaters and customizable houseboat cruise in Kerala need no introduction. Despite the fact that time is changing at a fast pace, Kerala will remain as refreshing and enchanting as it was the past. Consistently, people from all throughout the world visit this lovely state to make the most of their holiday.

Kerala is the ideal destination for each kind of tourist. Be it nature lovers, wildlife lovers, honeymooners, family holiday, and so forth. It has put away something for each traveller to satisfy the fantasy and offer them a magnificent tour experience. There are a few traveller destinations in Kerala but among all these beautiful backwaters and the arresting houseboats are ever more well-known the attraction of travellers in Kerala.

Unforgettable Kerala houseboat cruises

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A tour of the beautiful backwater with a houseboat cruise in Kerala is an enchanting experience of a trip to Kerala. An efficient backwater tour takes sightseers to the universe of wonderment and enchantment. Visitors can get the captivating views of the rice paddy fields, intriguing natural magnificence, exquisite towns, coconut trees, and so forth from the deck of your houseboat. You can likewise get the view of the amazing sunset and sunrise from the houseboat. It is a spectacular experience of Kerala backwaters.

Well next to these entrancing backwaters and houseboats attraction, you can likewise enjoy the delightful cuisines. They have rich flavours and the preparation is in a traditional Kerala style.

Come to Kerala in India and enjoy the backwater cruise. The pleasant backwater destinations will offer a world of new experiences to enjoy. Visit this state once and it is certain you will love to come back again and again to make the most of its splendid backwaters and invigorating natural beauty.

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