The pristine hill station of Munnar welcomes thousands of tourists every year. It features lush tea gardens, winding roads, verdant hills, gorgeous viewpoints and the friendly Nilgiri Tahr. Are you planning a visit to Munnar any time soon? If you are, then one of your main concerns would be about food and accommodation during the visit. Actually, you don’t have to worry about either of them. Just get a homestay accommodation. The hosts will take care of all your needs. Take a look at some of the best homestays in Munnar.

Royal Mist Homestay

An exterior view of the Royal mist Homestay in MunnarImage Source

Royal Mist homestay is only 10 km from the main town area of Munnar. Situated amidst hills and valleys on a meandering road to the hills, the scenic beauty is breathtaking. The warm hospitality shown by the owners Mr & Mrs Anil as well as their two children is worth mentioning. The guest area is on the top floor of this house. It features all the modern facilities. The homestay provides airport transportation as well as complimentary breakfast as add-on services. Royal mist Homestay is one among the Best Homestays in Munnar without a doubt!

Average room rate: INR 1200-1600

Room tips

  • All the rooms are almost identical to each other.
  • Take the room away from the terrace balcony if you want more privacy.

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Clouds Land Homestay

An exterior view of Clouds Land HomestayPic Courtesy: Agoda

Known for its contemporary charm and modern facilities, the Clouds Land Homestay is run by a team of professionals. The staffs keep no stone unturned in order to make the stay memorable. They provide complimentary breakfast as well as restaurant facilities. One big advantage of this homestay is that it allows pets. You can expect complete value for money at this homestay. This homestay is always among the list among the best homestays in Munnar.

Average room rate: INR 3000-5000

Room tips:


  • Take top floor rooms for the best views.
  • The corner rooms are more spacious.
  • Wi-Fi quality is better on the lower floors.
  • The rooms on the top floor require you to take the stairs.


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Rose Garden Homestay

An exterior view of Rose Garden HomestayPic Courtesy: Thrillophilia

Rose Garden Homestay is truly a home away from home. Mr. Tomy and Mrs. Raji follow the traditional Kerala hospitality. Because of lush spice and coffee plantation all around the homestay, many guests love to extend their holiday if possible. The hosts organise many interesting activities, according to the guests’ liking. Since the homestay is quite a distance away from the main area of Munnar, it enjoys complete peace and quiet. The food here is fresh, it smells great and is also delicious. Please note that Rose Garden Homestay is a non-smoking homestay.

Average room rate: Not Available

Room tips:

  • Take a room on the backside away from the road to avoid traffic noise.
  • Take top floor rooms for better views and better privacy.

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Sceva’s Garden Home

The interior of a room with a balcony at Sceva's Garden Home

Sceva’s Garden Home promises an unforgettable experience with nature. It overlooks the mountains and hence offers magnificent views. At the homestay, guests get a chance to eat purely organic food, the ingredients of which are grown in the garden itself. With serene natural beauty all around and the cute little girl Sceva’s chatter, your time at the homestay will just fly. The rooms at the homestay are clean, having great ventilation and a lot of natural light.

Average room rate: INR 2500-4500

Room tips:

  • Take rooms facing the mountain for best views from the balcony.

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Mundackal Plantation Homestay

An exterior view of Mundackal Homestay

Nestling amidst a rubber plantation, the Mundackal Plantation Homestay showcases a blend of natural charm and contemporary elegance. An interesting activity during your stay will be watching the process of turning latex into rubber sheet. Jose and Daisy extend warm hospitality to their guests. The love they show can feel overwhelming sometimes. They also provide personal tours of the grounds, showing guests the different types of crops that grow in the area. The homestay is very close to the famous Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.

Average room rate: INR 11000-13000

Room tips:

  • Take the large room with a balcony in the front portion of the building.

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The Shade

An exterior view of the Shade Homestay in MunnarPic Courtesy:

The Shade Homestay is located on a rocky terrain near the river Muthirappuzha. It is in the middle of a 2.5-acre spice garden. The aroma of the various spices keep the air fragrant and the atmosphere tranquil. The simple yet comfortable rooms will keep the visitors cosy as there are no other houses nearby. They provide trekking facilities to those who want to avail it. Two cottages are also there for couples who want more privacy.

Average room rate: INR 2000-3000

Room tips:


  • The ground floor rooms are closer to greenery.
  • The top floor rooms offer great views.
  • Rooms in the back portion don’t have great views to offer.
  • The ground floor rooms have a good sit-out area.
  • The rooms below the main house are good for privacy.


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Anna Homestay

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Anna Homestay is just 10km away from Munnar. It has tea as well as cardamom plantations in its surroundings. The rooms with balconies provide a full view of the serene mountains. Featuring all the modern amenities, the bedrooms at Anna Homestay are super comfortable and the bathrooms, very clean. The peaceful homestay makes arrangements for Ayurvedic massages as well. You can enjoy these massages in the evening.

Average room rates: INR 2000-4000

Room tips:

  • Top floor rooms offer great views from the balcony
  • Rooms on the ground floor have better Wi-Fi connectivity

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Estate Residency

An exterior view of the Estate ResidencyPic Courtesy: redBus

The Estate Residency is a palatial homestay with large rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as soft and cosy double beds. Hot water supply is available in the washrooms day-in and day-out. The hills all around provide picturesque scenery from the terrace of the first floor. The courteous and charming reception of the owners makes the stay more memorable.

Average room rates: INR 1500-2500

Room tips:


  • The tree house is ideal for couples.
  • The higher end rooms have better views and more luxury
  • Avoid rooms on the ground floor.


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Ans Mariya Holidays

An exterior view of Ans Maria HolidaysPic Courtesy: Agoda

Ans Maria Holidays is a peace nest in a beautiful village far from the crowded Munnar city. The immaculately clean rooms come with all the basic amenities. The relaxing garden has chairs and tables. It also swings for the little ones and even a little pond. The good food and quiet ambience are commendable. Joshy and his family make every effort to satiate their visitors. One can attend the Kathakali and Kalaripayattu shows in the village.

Average room rates: INR 1000-2000

Room tips:

  • All the rooms are simple, clean and mostly identical to each other.

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River Rock Homestay

An exterior view of River Rock HomestayPic Courtesy:

River Rock Homestay at Kunchithanny is a cosy nook amidst nature situated on the banks of a river with its rapids and cataracts. Spice plants like cardamom and pepper, vanilla and tea plantations surround the residence. The homestay is known for its organic food and homely atmosphere. 24-hour front desk, 24-hour security, travel desk, and room service are available for the convenience of guests. The rooms have beautiful furnishings with Italian marble floor. Friendly hosts Elemar and Varghese always attend the guests to make the visit very delightful.

Average room rates: INR 2000-3000

Room tips:


  • The newly constructed rooms are more comfortable.
  • Rooms close to the river offer beautiful views.


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Rheinberg Homestay

An exterior view of Rheinberg HomestayPic Courtesy:

The Rheinberg Homestay is in the heart of Munnar. It provides an awesome view of both the concrete jungle and the amazing mountains. Guests can select among the wooden room, the bamboo room or the blue room. Mr. Jacols works tirelessly to please the guests not only with immaculately clean rooms but with mouthwatering traditional cuisine.

Average room rates: INR 1000-2000

Room tips:

  • Most guests prefer the bamboo room. It is the most spacious.
  • The least preferred room is the blue room. It looks a bit dull.

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Mistletoe Munnar

An interior view of a room in MistletoePic Courtesy: TripAdvisor

Mistletoe Munnar is located at the confluence of Chokkanmudi peaks, Lakshmi hills, and Kannan Devan plantations. The homestay has a clay oven bakery, a café as well as a small library. The Kerala Syrian Christian family takes special care to cook tasty food and keep the rooms clean. Bread, cakes, and cookies are available in plenty.

Average room rates: INR 4000-6000

Room tips:

  • All the rooms offer great views but the top floor rooms have slightly better views.
  • Many guests like the room with the Avacado tree in the balcony.

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Solitude Munnar

An elevated wooden cottageImage Source

Overlooking the hills and forests of Munnar, the Solitude is an elevated cottage made of wood. One can enjoy the solitude and also listen to the wind whispering to the trees. Time can be spent near the Viripara Waterfalls. The well-maintained room, as well as the good food, are praiseworthy.

Average room rates: INR 5000-7000

Room tips:

  • All rooms are comfortable, quiet and offer good views.

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Greenspaces Serviced Villa

An exterior view of Greenspaces VillaPic Courtesy: Make My Trip

Greenspaces Serviced Villa is made up of eco-friendly materials. Floors, as well as ceilings, are made of wood. Since it is amidst cardamom plantation, the homestay has a special natural beauty. The caretaker prepares good food and also takes comprehensive care of his guests.

Average room rates: INR 3500-5500

Room tips:

  • No tips available at the moment.

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Castillo De Woods

The long balcony of Castillo De Woods overlooking lush greeneryPic Courtesy:

Castillo De Woods is a luxury villa in Vattavada, surrounded by hills as well as mountains. Trekking and wildlife explorations can be the favourite past time here. The mesmerising beauty enhances in leaps and bounds, especially during the monsoon. One will fall short of adjectives when describing the food and hospitality of the host.

Average room rates: INR 15000-17000

Room tips:

  • Take a room that offers a mountain view.
  • One room has two double beds. The other two rooms have one double bed each.


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God has dressed Munnar with all great beauty since Kerala in His own country. Witness nature at its best from a Homestay and also get relaxed and refreshed.

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