Swimming pools have become a common feature of modern resorts and hotels. A resort or hotel without a well-designed and well-maintained pool is considered incomplete. Pools offer guests a wonderful opportunity to have great fun or simply unwind. Whether it is attempting different types of dives, enjoying a proper swim, splashing water around or just daydreaming in the cool waters under warm sunshine, swimming pools promise a good time. Groups of friends, families with kids as well as other modern travelers usually prefer staying at hotels featuring at least one pool.

basic pool etiquette list


All resorts and hotels flaunt their pools. They want their guests to fully enjoy their time in the waters. However, they expect guests to follow basic etiquette before entering their pool. Here are some things to keep in mind before trying the pool at your hotel.

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Wear appropriate swimwear

Carry swimwear that is light and comfortable. Keeping the local culture in mind, make sure to wear something that does not offend the people around you. Your swimwear must be made of nylon or a similar kind of material. Cotton garments are not allowed inside the waters. Use goggles to protect your eyes from irritation or burning.

Read the rules and guidelines

Most swimming pools have a ‘Rules and Regulations’ sheet in the locker room or near the shower area. Make sure to read these rules and follow them throughout your time at the pool.

Rinse yourself well

Every swimming pool has a shower area. It is very important that you rinse yourself before entering the waters. This is important for the pools to always remain clean. After you finish swimming, rinse yourself again. Some pools have potassium permanganate solution for washing the feet. Use it to prevent any infections from creeping up onto your foot.

Know your pool

Make sure to know the pool’s timings. Use the pool only when it’s open for use and cooperate with the pool staff and lifeguards. Talk to them about any queries you have. Look carefully all around for depth markings. Remain in areas of the pool where its depth doesn’t present a problem for you.

Be kind to your fellow swimmers

 Do not move your hands or legs too harshly, especially when you’re close to other swimmers. Trim your toenails if necessary so that you don’t hurt others even unknowingly. Always overtake from the right. Do not splash water on people you don’t know. Dive only when other swimmers are away from the diving zone.

Take care of the kids

Always make sure that your kid uses the washroom before entering the waters. You don’t want any embarrassing situations once he or she is in. If you think it’s necessary, let your kids wear waterproof diapers or plastic pants.

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