Holidays are meant to be pleasurable and relaxing. There aren’t many getaways that can give you both. If you have put a cruise trip on your bucket list, odds are you put it there because you heard that a cruise can offer an exclusive experience that you can’t get in any other activity. The purpose of this blog is to enable you to move your cruise trip up your bucket list.

So, if you’re considering taking a cruise, why not? Cruising is one of the most amazing and hassle-free excursions accessible. You get on it once and your resort moves around to show you different places. It’s true that cruises began as elite trips for wealthy people, however, that isn’t the case any longer. There are cruises that are affordable and still allow you to have a great experience.

Why go for a cruise in Cochin?

Chinese fishing nets during sunsetPic Courtesy: Wikipedia

Cochin looks even more fascinating from the sea. From your cruise in the Arabian Sea, you will look at the pretty shoreline dotted with Chinese fishing nets and ancient buildings. A holiday to Kochi would be incomplete without an evening on the Nefertiti Cruise. This is a 5.5-hour long cruise where you sail down the Arabian Sea.

The Nefertiti Cruise

An helicopter view of the Nefertiti CruisePic Courtesy: Facebook

You can experience the wonderful magnificence of the Arabian Sea while unwinding in a cruise vessel. The Shipping and Inland Navigation Corporation of Kerala is offering, Nefertiti, the most luxurious cruise vessel in India. The vessel featuring a rich Egyptian décor was built in Goa and it will reach in Kochi within a few weeks. The making cost INR 18o Million (18 Crore) will offer an incredible night time cruising experience through the Arabian Sea and the best part is you get to enjoy a lavish dinner with lip-smacking dishes. This world-class cruising experience must be added to your list if you are visiting Kochi soon.

The massive success of the cruise Sagararani, which offers breakfast, lunch and sunset cruise to visitors who wish to explore Kerala backwaters, led KSINC to launch this luxurious cruise vessel in Kochi. The Nefertiti Cruise takes you on a unique adventure, providing an experience that you will remember forever.

The cruise is named after the Egyptian queen, Nefertiti, who was famous for her beauty. The charming Nefertiti was the wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh, Akhenaten, who ruled India during the 1300 BC. She was a powerful queen; even the royal court that was male-dominated followed the commands of Queen Nefertiti. She used to wear the Pharaoh’s crown sometimes.

A bust of the Egyptian Queen, NefertitiImage Source

What can you expect from Nefertiti?

The Nefertiti cruise can accommodate 200 people in its three decks. Enlisted as a Class VI vessel under the Merchant Shipping Act, Nefertiti has a total width of 14.5 m and length of 48.5 m. Nefertiti offers a tour through the sea with four-star facility and entertainment programs. The ship serves as an ethereal dwelling as you glide through the Arabian Sea. A picture of Queen Nefertiti welcomes you as you go into the ship.

Nefertiti gives people a chance to discover the magnificence of Kochi shoreline and the sea. Get your family or friends or come alone aboard for this exhilarating Nefertiti cruise that begins its journey from the Ernakulam wharf which is located in the Willingdon Island at 2.30 pm and returns by 8 pm.

Nefertiti has two storeys –Horus, an Egyptian mythological protector and Sistra, a musical instrument of Egypt. The décor is luxurious and matches star hotels.

Facilities in the Nefertiti Cruise

The interior of the Nefertiti VesselImage Source

There is a lavish dining hall, a big conference hall, a bar lounge, 3D film house, playing area for kids as well as a sun deck. The cruise is perfect for destination parties, project launch meetings, get-togethers, school picnics, conferences, corporate and wedding parties.

When you are seated in the glorious Sistra hall (banquet) located on the main deck, a crew member would tell everyone the safety guidelines. After the announcements and a few rounds of food and drinks, the in-house vocalists make their appearance and then the guests get the opportunity to listen to the songs they request for.

Banquet Hall in the Nefertiti CruiseImage Source

The banquet hall has a terrace from where you can see Kochi mainland and also get endless chances to capture the ship cruising past the captivating Fort Kochi, the shipyard and container terminal. The vessel showcases the Egyptian tale in attractive rooms, lounges, halls, kids play area, theatre space, decks, captain’s room, passages, and corridors.

In case of emergencies, there are life rafts – each of them can carry 37 people, two lifeboats that have the capacity of 20 people each. You definitely would not want to miss the view from the top deck – to observe sunset by the sea. It is most suitable for the sundowner time since you can watch incredible sunsets sky and enjoy the breeze set in. By around 6 pm as the sun sets, Nefertiti ship starts its way back to the shoreline.

Fun and food in the cruise

The banquet hall at Nefertiti has a stage for entertainment and seating space that can accommodate about 200 people along with the captain and 15 crew members. The crew will show you every amazing feature the vessel has. There are tall tables where you can stand around and look out to the Arabian Sea. There is a 25-seater 3D theatre, Nile, where you get 3D specs to watch movies. The sound quality is also impeccable.

Odion, the children play area, has fun colours which are enticing to the kids. Paintings on the walls, columns, as well as entryways identify with the queen and her tenure.

The stairs located in the banquet hall will take you to a lavish restaurant called Horus. There is a bar counter as well for individuals who want to have a few alcoholic beverages. The ticket price does not include alcohol. As per the theme of the cruise, the food they serve on board will be the Mediterranean. The kitchen and housekeeping works are outsourced.

A lavish spread of the Mediterranean CuisineImage Source

Horus too gives you a chance to absorb the magnificence of the Arabian Sea, even when you are sitting in the AC room and enjoying food. In the event that you truly wish to experience the vastness of the sea, you have to go out to the Open Terrace that is situated at the back of the cabin of the ship captain) to enjoy a panoramic view.

The Nefertiti Cruise Experience

Nefertiti Cruise side viewImage Source

There is no better way to spend a tropical evening in Kochi than on this Cruise. Observe the colours of the sky gradually change from blue to shades of orange, red and purple while you cruise along the harbour standing on the open-air top deck. You will get to experience the sunset you have often only seen on stunning pictures. This is your chance to capture outstanding photographs and also memories that will cherish a lifetime.

As you take in the cool evening breeze on the top deck you will be entertained by the stunning coastline. Then they serve a delicious Mediterranean dinner after which you can watch 3D movies at or enjoy live music. This Cruise is suitable for the whole family, so you can bring the kids along too.

This is a great way for families, couples, or a group of friends to unwind after an exhausting week of work. There is nothing more romantic than watching an enthralling sunset over the ocean together.

Nefertiti covers 20-nautical mile, about 37 km from the shore; you can observe other ships anchored near the deep sea. It is the incessant sight of the blue water spread as far as your eyes can see with other fishing boats and ships.

These weekend-ticket-cruise tours make Nefertiti the top choice of the common man. Ticket fare is quite reasonable, for an adult, it is INR 3,000 whereas, for children (above 5 years), it is INR 2,000. Advance booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.


Nefertiti Offer Crusie Package Like, Event Crusie, School/College Crusie, Short Duration Trips and some Special Seasonal Vacation Cruises.

Do not forget to bring your camera along. You definitely will want to capture the gorgeous sunset and all the magical moments of the cruise you create with your dear ones.

Why Nefertiti Cruise is a must-try experience?

Nefertitit Cruise lit up in the nightImage Source

This cruise is an absolute MUST if you are in Kochi. It will not disappoint you. You are sure to have a wonderful experience with Nefertiti Cruise crew. Let them take you on an adventure in the Arabian Sea, where you will experience the beat of sunsets while lounging on the decks and also enjoying beverages and awesome Mediterranean food. Plenty of food variety to keep you going for those 5 and a half hours, not to mention all of the wonderful views you will take in. The crew members are friendly, helpful and go out of their way to make sure everyone is comfortable and having a great time.

Things to keep in mind about the Nefertiti Cruise

  • Online tickets booking facility is available here:
  • Ticket fare: INR 3,000; kids above 5: INR 2,000
  • Carrying ID card is a must
  • Security check happens before the cruise starts
  • Cruise starts at 2.30 pm from Ernakulam wharf, Willingdon Island, Kochi
  • Returns by 8 pm
  • Special permission required when booking tickets for the usage of a professional camera.
  • Follow all the safety instruction given by the crew members.
  • Contact Tel : +91 484 2203614, 2206232, 2206840/41/42/44, 2206672

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