As the name itself suggests, a Tree House is a small rustic house built on or around a strong, dynamic and well-rooted tree. These quaint structures are used most times for recreation and sometimes as residence. Ancient natives built tree houses to protect themselves from dangers of the ground. But today, many hotels and resorts construct tree houses in their properties in order to attract travelers who love nature.

A tree house is ideally built in an absolute natural environment. The delightful chirping of birds, the pleasant breeze and the raw and serene surroundings make the stay a very memorable one. In fact, even the architecture and interior design of a tree house has nature written all over it. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a tree house enhances the natural atmosphere around it. And since a tree house is above ground level, it naturally offers a panoramic view of the scenic surroundings. So truly, a tree house is a peaceful retreat for solitude.

Since thousands of nature loving travelers visit Kerala throughout the year, many hotels and resorts in the state have beautifully built tree houses. They offer an exquisite experience with nature. Moreover, they come with modern amenities.

Have a look at some of the best tree house accommodations offered in the state of Kerala.

1. Vythiri Resort- Wayanad

 Vythiri Resort- Wayanad

Vythiri Resort is a beautiful jungle resort resting on the slope of a forest clad hill. The 150-acre property is a nature lover’s paradise. It has a sparkling mountain stream flowing through it. The resort is inside a lush canopy of sublime trees. Along with lavish villas, it features five lofty tree houses located above the canopy. The tree houses have thatched roofs and bamboo walls. They come with all domestic comforts. They use natural spring water and solar energy. Children can to stay in the family tree house only.

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2. Nature Zone- Munnar

Nature Zone- Munnar

Nature Zone resort is amidst evergreen mountains in Munnar. Lush tree gardens, high mountain ranges and lakes surrounding the resort bring you closer to the natural world. Since it is 6 metres above sea level, the resort provides a bright and beautiful view of the surroundings.  The resort has tree houses and luxury tents that serve as accommodation for the guests. The beautifully laid out tree houses are modern and spacious. Their balconies provide amazing views of the valley and the jungle. You will find all the standard comforts in the tree house at Nature Zone.

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3. Pepper Trail- Wayanad

Pepper Trail- Wayanad

Located in a large estate of coffee and spice plantation, Pepper Trail is a delightful property having a 140-year old colonial bungalow and two tree houses. One of the tree houses is called Woodpecker. It is built 40 feet above the ground on a huge jackfruit tree. The tree house offers complete privacy. It has a spacious bedroom, four-poster bed, modern bathroom and a large outdoor space. A walkway amidst coffee plants leads to the tree house. Another tree house called Hornbill is similar to Woodpecker. Even this one is 40 feet above the ground.

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4. Planet Green Plantation Resort- Wayanad

Planet Green Plantation Resort- Wayanad

Resting on the foot hills of the highest peak in Wayanad, Planet Green Plantation Resort is one of the most charming resorts in the district. It has coffee plantations, sylvan woods and tea estates around it. Hence, it is one of the greenest places in the state. The tree house in the resort is ideal for honeymoon couples. It is 20 feet above the ground. It has a wonderful Jacuzzi. Supported by sturdy pillars, the tree house displays the traditional Kerala architectural style. And the large windows of the tree house offer a panoramic view of the lush greenery around.

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5. Marmalade Springs- Wayanad

Marmalade Springs- Wayanad

Marmalade Springs is a complete nature-friendly resort in Wayanad. It enjoys a dynamic location atop the hill side. The resort has a natural stream, a swimming pool and a fishing pond. The child-friendly tree house in the resort provides a panoramic view of the plantation. Built out of teakwood, it has its own veranda and a sit-out area below the room. They overlook lush green plantations or valleys. The tree house also has a private space with camping chairs for dinners. The design of the tree house displays contemporary grace along with an ethnic feel. It’s an ideal design that complements the pleasant environment of the resort.

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6. Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat- Munnar

Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat- Munnar

Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat nestling on a hillock amidst coffee and cardamom plantations. The property has shimmering waterfalls, majestic trees and natural water resources. For accommodation, the retreat offers luxury tents, a tree house and a two bedroom rock house. The exclusive tree house in the retreat provides complete privacy. It rests 30 feet above the ground on top of 5 tall trees. Made with eco-friendly materials like bamboo, the tree house has wooden flooring. Its balcony provides a view of exotic birds flying over the surrounding valleys and mountains.

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7. Rainforest Resort- Athirapally

Rainforest Resort- Athirapally

Nestled amidst the pristine Sholayar forests, the Rainforest Resort showcases unique architectural beauty. The resort offers a delightfully refreshing view of the awe-inspiring waterfalls of Athirapally. It has luxury rooms, a private cottage and a well-built tree house. Set in an airy expanse, the tree house has a superb contemporary design. Its balcony offers a magnificent view of the forest and the waterfalls. You can watch these falls throughout the day and it never gets tiring.

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8. Kaivalyam Retreat- Munnar

Kaivalyam Retreat- Munnar

With serene and peaceful surroundings, the Kaivalyam Retreat is an ideal getaway destination that promises a stress-busting holiday. It promotes the holistic way of life and introduces guests to Kerala’s tradition and culture. The tree house at Kaivalyam offers a unique experience. It puts you right amidst the woods and gives you an exciting opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.

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