What is a Farm Stay?

A farm stay is a house, bungalow or any other type of accommodation built inside or close to a farm. Most times, such accommodations showcase the traditional style of architecture and rustic interior design. Their windows and balconies usually offer a pristine view of the natural surroundings.

The peaceful and secluded retreat is ideal for adults looking to have a quiet weekend. Some farm accommodations even offer exciting opportunities that kids would especially enjoy. For example, during your stay at a farmhouse, you could enjoy nature walks, farm visits, feeding animals, gardening, collecting eggs and the like. Simply put, a farm stay is a place that allows urban travellers to reconnect with the countryside environment.

Reasons to choose a Farm Accommodation in Kerala!

  • A farm is a nature lover’s paradise. The lush greenery, the delightful chirping of colourful birds, pleasant weather and picturesque views guarantee a close-to-nature experience. Apart from that, many farms offer beautiful nature-related activities like short treks, bird watching, farm and plantation visits, fruit picking and star gazing.

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  • A farm is a quiet and peaceful retreat. Guests at a farm can expect a completely stress-free environment. Because of the fresh and unpolluted air, the experience becomes even better. Reading a book while lazing on a hammock, sipping tea while sitting on a rocking chair on the patio and walking in the green courtyard with your loved one are some of the refreshing experiences you can enjoy at a farm stay.

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  • A farm offers fresh and healthy food. Generally, the ingredients used to prepare food at a farm stay are grown on the farm itself. The organic food, therefore, keeps you light and fresh for your entire holiday. And it tastes way better than some oily food at a restaurant.

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The state of Kerala is home to many farms. Most travellers visiting the state, especially nature lovers, prefer farm accommodation over any other type. Below is a list of the top 5 farm stays in Kerala:

1. Aanavilasm Luxury Plantation House

Aanavilasam is a 7-acre farm located in the adventurous town of Thekkady. It has lush cardamom and pepper plantations around it. Although it is far away from the bustling city life, the farm stay offers exquisite luxury and modern amenities. Apart from deluxe rooms and villas, the farm stay also features a pool villa. At Aanavilasam, you get an opportunity to see the harvesting and processing of various spices. And you’ll also see a tiny, friendly village a little distance away. You can walk to that place and visit homes built in typical Kerala-style.

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2. Dewalokam Farmstay Retreat

Dewalokam Farmstay Retreat enjoys a peaceful environment. It is bound by a beautiful river and a serene nature reserve. The retreat has a working organic farm that runs on Eco principles. The farm produces fruits, vegetables, milk and honey. In addition to that, the property has a freshwater pool and hammocks placed amidst majestic trees. The farm offers a number of nature-related activities like plantation walks, forest walks, bamboo rafting and cycling. You will also get to watch the extraction of honey and the milking of cows.

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3. Ambady Estate

Ambady Estate is located in a quiet, scenic location surrounded by majestic hills and delightful plantations. The farm offers a view of the glorious Parvathi hills on one side and the Idukki Dam and tea plantations on the other. The estate is particularly charming because it is home to different indigenous varieties of flora and fauna. And the colonial-style cottages of the estate suit the environment perfectly. Guests can enjoy activities like picking tea, coffee and cardamom. Wildlife sighting is also possible sometimes.

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4. Blooms Green Farm

Blooms Green Farm is a 15-acre organic farm having beautiful independent villas. The villas are at a comfortable distance from each other. So there is a lot of free outdoor space around them. The property has coffee, pepper, cardamom, areca nut, nutmeg and cocoa plantations. It is also home to cattle, rabbits and poultry. A tour of this vast property is certainly a joyous experience. Vegetables, milk, eggs and meat for the restaurant comes from the farm. So, guests can expect fresh and delicious food.

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5. Philipkutty’s Farm

Philipkutty’s Farm is a 35-acre property located on a small 750-acre island near Kumarakom. It features waterfront villas that offer a splendid view of the backwaters from their sit-outs. The farm on the property produces coconuts, vegetables as well as fruits. A kind-hearted family cares for the guests at the farm. Guests enjoy activities like boat cruises, cooking classes and stargazing. At night, hundreds of fireflies visit the farm creating an unforgettable sight.

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6. Kaivalayam Retreat

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Kaivalyam Retreat, a beautiful getaway all through the year, has serene surroundings. The retreat promotes a holistic lifestyle and organic food. In this way, it introduces its guests to the local tradition. The architecture of the retreat has a country feel to it. But the in-house facilties are top-notch and there is no compromise on luxury. And since the retreat is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers you an experience close to nature.

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7. Ambadi Estate

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The Ambady estate enjoys a quiet and scenic location with majestic hills and delightful plantations all around. It offers a view of the glorious Parvathy hills on one side and the Idukki Dam and tea plantations on the other. The beautiful cottages only add to the natural beauty of the estate. They are not only gorgeous on the outside but also feature tasteful interiors. The estate offers plenty of refreshing in-house activities as well as a multi-cuisine restaurant with a natural ambience.

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8. Windermere Estate

Top View of Windmere Estate

Windermere Retreat offers luxurious accommodation featuring comfortable wooden beds made of teak and maple wood. The simple dining room has a rustic feel and the delicacies are sure to surprise you. The estate has pepper trees as well a 55-acre cardamom and coffee plantation. Guests can relax in the garden chairs or hammocks; they can see the delightful squirrels chirping around; they can also enjoy the majestic viewpoint where you feel like you’re at the edge of the world.

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9. Vinis Farm

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Vini’s farm is a 2-acre lush green island property offering magnificent views of the Ashtamudi Lake on one side and the Kallada River on the other. The island features a beautiful wooden house built on stilts. The house has two rooms with attached bathrooms. It is ideal for couples. One couple can own the entire island or share the island with another couple. Single adults can also do the same – own the entire island or share it with others. The farm is a 10-minute boat ride away from the mainland. You can enjoy a king-size holiday at the island resort. The private chef cooks traditional Kerala food from the freshly grown vegetables at the farm. Even fish is caught from the lake and served as food to the guests. Many activities like speed boating, canoe cruise and fishing are arranged for the guests.

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10. Plantation Valley

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Plantation Valley is a beautiful farm stay in a serene natural environment. At the resort, there a luxurious AC rooms with charming patios overlooking the garden and the waterfalls. The habitat around the resort is home to several delightful birds. Guests can swim or fish in the freshwaters. The multi-cuisine restaurant in the resort serves sumptuous delicacies and has a lovely ambience with elegantly crafted rubwood furniture. A ramp near the restaurant takes you right into the waters.Also, the well-maintained nursery adds to the charm of the Plantation Valley resort.

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11. Backwater Farm House

Backwater FarmhousePic Courtesy: Booking.com

The Backwater Farmhouse is a backwater-facing resort with spacious, well-furnished houses. They offer an almost perfect blend of contemporary and vintage style living. Guests at the resort have the amazing opportunity of getting really close to the village life of Kerala. Guests at Backwater Farmhouse will be given the wonderful opportunity of visiting the unrevealed spots of the remote village on the conventional country boat and they can also experience the authentic village style of fishing. They will be served a variety of traditional Kerala delicacies, with seafood being a speciality.

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12. Greenex Farms

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Nestled in the Nilgiri Hills at a height of 2600 ft, the Greenex Farms is a nature resort surrounded by coffee plantations. The resort features nature-friendly accommodations like cottages, a dormitory and a treehouse. The resort offers a restaurant called ‘Avira’ that serves breakfast and lunch. Dinner along with campfire is also organised. The resort also has a conference room set within the natural theme called ‘Nest’.

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There are a number of other excellent Farm Stays are available in Kerala. If you would like to Plan a Trip to Kerala with speciality accommodations, do not hesitate to drop in an enquiry with Experience Kerala!

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