Philipkutty's Farm


Accomodation Budget: Deluxe
Class: 2.5 Star
Best Suited For
Families, Friends and Couples.
Accomodation Theme
Backwater Cottages, Bungalows, Farm Stays, Home Stays,

Quick Info

Philipkutty’s Farm offers a beautiful opportunity to experience real Kerala in a captivating location, with a caring family to look after you. The waterfront villas in the property are all independent from each other. The entire property is set on a beautiful farm island, which was reclaimed from the backwaters of Lake Vembanad in the early 1950’s. The farm practices sustainable/organic methods of farming.Coconut, banana, fruit and vegetables are produced in the farm. 

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  • Value for money
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#1 in 8 Accommodations in Kottayam
#1 in 1 Farm Stays in Kottayam
#1 in 4 Estate Bungalows in Kottayam
#1 in 6 Home Stays in Kottayam
#1 in 2 Backwater Stays in Kottayam

"A property with beautiful villas surrounded by natural beauty."

TripAdvisor Ratings

Editor's Review

The villas in Phillipkutty's Farm are not just good looking but also very comfortable. The verandahs and sit-outs offer splendid views of the farm and the backwaters. The family takes care of the guests really well. The dining experience is just superb. Overall, it is a place where you go to relax instead of expecting some adventurous activities.


  • The villas are beautiful offering amazing views from the sit-out.
  • Hospitality and food are of high standards.
  • The sunset cruise is a must-try experience. 
  • Meals on a large round table are a good experience.
  • A relaxing and comfortable stay is guaranteed.


  • Just a place to relax, not many interesting activities.
  •  It can get hot and humid in the Non AC rooms.


  • Card Payments
  • WiFi Internet
  • Room Service

Detailed Info

Philipkutty's Farm is a 35-acre farm located on a small 750-acre island in the backwaters by Vembanad Lake near Kumarakom. The island was a reclaimed property which was built by the owner’s grandfather. The farm follows a system of inter-crop farming. The farm is home to waterfront villas surrounded with natural beauty. The place is quite friendly and serves as an ideal hideaway for travellers. Guests who stay in the villa are cared for by a kind-hearted family. The villas are located away from the family residence and are independent from each other.

The first villa, designed by a Swiss architect, is a traditionally styled, antique-filled, open plan bungalow. The other villas have the same style but with a separate bedroom, living room and ‘sit-out’ facing the peaceful, palm-fringed waterfront. To complement the villas, there is a beautiful thatched pavilion on stilts, overlooking the farm with views of the backwaters. Lavish home-made meals are served to the guests either in the family dining room or outdoors in the thatched pavilion.


Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 12:00 PM, Check-out Time 10:00 AM.

Special Notes

  • There is a special cookery holiday package where you learn Syrian-Christian style cooking.
  • You can explore the country side on a bicycle.
  • There is an Ayurvedic centre opposite the property.
  • There are temples and churches nearby that you can visit.

Activities Offered*

  • A sunset cruise every evening on a country boat.
  • A canal cruise through the narrow, winding canals.
  • Bird Watching.
  • A personal cooking class.
  • A walk through the lovely farm.
  • Try ancient fishing methods depending on the season.
  • Yoga lessons.
  • Sari and Dhoti demonstration.
  • Watch the hundreds of fireflies in the farm at night. 
  • Relax and chill out, sit on the veranda or under the trees
  • Gaze into the clear pollution-free night sky.

Rooms Types


The villas are spacious, independent and located on the outer dyke facing the peaceful backwaters. The first villa is open plan. The other villas have a separate living room, bedroom and ‘sit-out’. The villas are furnished with antiques, including some beautifully carved and crafted doors and windows. The villas are well furnished with two large single beds, wardrobe, cupboard, writing table, and chair, settees, and chairs in the ‘sit-out’. There is a clean, dry and spacious bathroom in each villa. Extra beds are available if needed, and there is also a generator to backup the electricity in case of a power failure. To complement the villas, there is a beautiful thatched pavilion on stilts, overlooking the farm with views of the backwaters.

  • Geyser
  • TV
  • WiFi
  • Room Service
  • Balcony

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.