Hinterland Village Resort


Accomodation Budget: Deluxe
Class: 2.5 Star
Best Suited For
Families with kids and Couples.
Accomodation Theme
Yoga Retreats, Resorts & Cottages,

Quick Info

The Hinterland Village Resort is a beautiful get-away yoga retreat located in the district of Ernakulam conveniently close to Cochin. The resort offers a unique blend of homely warmth and delightful luxury. The resort has a lot of greenery and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The sound of nature can be clearly heard throughout the property. The homestay is a few centuries old and its old world charm is kept intact. The resort is a good example of bio-diversity.

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  • Value for money
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#17 in 47 Accommodations in Cochin
#1 in 3 Yoga Retreats in Cochin
#2 in 3 Resorts & Cottages in Cochin

"An ideal getaway resort offering a blend of homely warmth and delightful luxury."

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Editor's Review

The Hinterland Village Resort is an ideal getaway resort having a beautiful natural environment. You will especially love the colourful flowers, birds and animals at the resort. It would just be a perfect treat for your kids. The restaurant offers tasty vegetarian food. There are good massages and yoga sessions offered to the guests. This is not a resort where you just stay in the room. You have to walk around and hear the music of nature that resonates throughout the property.


  • A properly organized itinerary is made.
  • Rejuvenating Yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Kids will love the place.
  • A natural environment is preserved.
  • Good vegetarian food.


  • No non-vegetarian food.
  • The rooms are quite basic.
  • Not many tourist attractions nearby.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Veg Restaurant
  • Card Payments
  • Safe Parking
  • WiFi Internet
  • Room Service

Detailed Info

The Hinterland Village Resort has become one of the favoured resorts in Kerala, especially in recent years. The entire property of the resort is environment-friendly with delightful flora and fauna amidst plenty of greenery. The homestay offers a homely atmosphere along with decent luxury and this unique blend is hard to find. The chirping of the colourful birds keeps the resort all the more alive. It's just a pleasure for guests to walk around the grounds of the resort through the bamboo groves and banana trees.

The home has an old warm charm and rightly so, since it is a few centuries old. The rooms, although having antique furnishings, are equipped with modern comforts. The resort is famous for how it has successfully preserved the bio-diversity of the area. The restaurant at the resort serves hearty meals and the menu can be altered depending on your preferences. The resort also has a nice swimming pool along with some play areas where kids can have their own adventure.


Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 12:00 PM, Check-out Time 10:00 AM.

Special Notes

  • The resort is pet-friendly.
  • Tourist attractions are at driving distance from the resort.
  • Many people come and volunteer at the resort.

Activities Offered*

  • Nature walks and bird watching.
  • Yoga classes and massages.
  • Interesting outdoor and indoor games.
  • Kids' play area.
  • Watch different flowers and animals.

Rooms Types


The rooms in the homestay have an old world charm with antique furnishing. They are suitable for two persons. They are equipped with modern amenities and comforts.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Geyser
  • WiFi
  • Room Service
  • Balcony

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.