InDa Hotel


Accomodation Budget: Deluxe
Class: 3 Star
Best Suited For
Leisure Travellers looking for a relaxed stay.
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3/4/5 Star Hotels, Resorts & Cottages,

Quick Info

InDa Hotel is a special and distinctive hotel in Varakala located near the North Cliff. The hotel showcases antiquity in the most modern way and this unique feature makes it different from the other hotels in Varkala. It combines ancient traditions and modern hospitality so that guests feel at home and experience a pleasant holiday. Just 150 metres away from the hotel is the Varkala Beach. The InDa Hotel features cottages and standard rooms in its 1600 sq m property.

Rankings & Ratings

  • Hospitality
  • Property
  • Value for money
Editor's Rankings

#23 in 33 Accommodations in Trivandrum
#4 in 5 Resorts & Cottages in Trivandrum
#6 in 8 3/4/5 Star Hotels in Trivandrum

"A unique hotel where you find harmony between ancient and modern culture."

TripAdvisor Ratings

Editor's Review

The InDa Hotel is located conveniently close to the beach and cliffs. It enjoys a natural atmosphere. The rooms are quite spacious and well-designed but may lack certain amenities. The breakfast you get at the hotel is really good and there are plenty of options. The coffee you get at the place is worthy of a special mention. In the communal spaces of the hotel, there may not be enough seating options like chairs or hammocks, which is probably the only negative of the place.


  • Delicious breakfast with many options.
  • Well-decorated and spacious rooms.
  • Quiet and convenient location.
  • The coffee is simply amazing.
  • Friendly staff offering great recommendations.


  • May be difficult to find the hotel.
  • No AC or TV in the rooms.
  • Communal seating option may be lacking.


  • Veg Restaurant
  • Non-Veg Restaurant
  • Beer Parlour
  • Safe Parking
  • WiFi Internet
  • Room Service

Detailed Info

Located 150 metres away from the beach, the InDa Hotel is a unique and pleasant hotel near the North Cliff in Varkala. At the hotel, you will find a sense of harmony existing between ancient Indian traditions and modern culture and that is exactly what makes this hotel property distinctive. The hotel is an ideal getaway for people looking to relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city life.

Although the hotel had been majorly renovated in 2014, the original architecture and atmosphere has been preserved. The natural environment of the property exhales a breath of serenity. The 1600 sq m property features a main building with standard rooms, independent cottages, a lush garden with tropical plants, cafe and bar, a lounge terrace and a shack for yoga. Free and safe parking is also made available to the guests.

Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 01:00 PM, Check-out Time 11:00 AM.

Special Notes

  • The cafe at the hotel offers great coffee.
  • Many good restaurants and shops are located close to the property.

Activities Offered*

  • Yoga sessions.

Rooms Types


The cottages in InDa Hotel are elegantly designed having all the standard amenities. They have spacious attached bathrooms. Apart from the 6 cottages, there are 4 standard rooms in the main building.

  • Geyser
  • WiFi
  • Room Service
  • Balcony

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.