Vagamon Heights: Thankakanam Estate


Accomodation Budget: Deluxe
Class: 2 Star
Best Suited For
Families, Couples, Bachelors and Group of Friends.
Accomodation Theme
Resorts & Cottages, Jungle Lodges, Trekking Camps,

Quick Info

Vagamon Heights: Thankakanam Estate is an eco friendly plantation resort situated in a 300 acre estate. The property has two lakes inside the property maintained for the exclusive use of the resort guests. It has 60 acres of cardamom plantation where the guest can enjoy the forest walk.

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  • Hospitality
  • Property
  • Value for money
Editor's Rankings

#6 in 10 Accommodations in Idukki
#1 in 1 Jungle Lodges in Idukki
#1 in 2 Tents & Trekking Camps in Idukki
#2 in 2 Resorts & Cottages in Idukki

"An estate with a variety of accommodation facilities in a beautiful natural location."

TripAdvisor Ratings

Editor's Review

At Vagamon Heights, you will feel totally disconnected from the outside world. The staff makes you feel completely at home though. The location of the estate is very beautiful and many nature-related activities are provided. You cannot expect any modern amenities and although the food is great, foodies will not really enjoy it because there are only a few varieties available.


  • Beautiful unspoiled natural location.
  • The rooms, services and food are great.
  • Awesome activities like boating and safaris available.
  • You feel totally connected with nature.


  • You will not find many options in the food.
  • Modern amenities and comforts cannot be expected.
  • Nothing great offered for the kids.
  • Fishing activity is not that much fun.


  • Veg Restaurant
  • Non-Veg Restaurant
  • Safe Parking
  • Room Service

Detailed Info

The Vagamon Heights: Thankakanam Estate is located in a 300-acre property consisting of beautiful farmlands and sprawling plantations. Cardamom is the main crop grown in the plantation. The resort has been developed out of the abandoned plantation. The entire area is now a tourist destination but its natural charm has not been tampered with. Vagamon Heights is still home to exotic flora and fauna with a 100-acre forest bordering the property. The property also has rare species of trees and entwining creepers.

Vagamon Heights is surrounded by gentle meadows and wooded hills. The estate sprawls across a landscape with its natural beauty still preserved unspoiled by men and machine. There are flower beds, fruit groves and spice gardens adorning this old plantation. In addition to a natural waterfall, Vagamon Heights also has two lakes. The lakes provide good opportunities for boating and fishing. The rooms in the estate are suitable for families, couples and bachelors. Most of the rooms provide great natural views. There are tents available for the adventure-seeking guests.


Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 12:00 PM, Check-out Time 10:00 AM.
  2. Life-jacket is a must while boating.

Special Notes

  • An Open air Conference facility is available inside the forest area
  • Nearby tourist attractions are Pine Forest, Vagamon Meadows, Kurishumala Ashram, Murugan mala and Ulippooni Reserve Forest

Activities Offered*

  • Boat ride in the lake.
  • Adventurous jeep safari to visit the viewpoints inside the property.
  • Camp fire.
  • Fishing in the lake.
  • Forest walk.
  • Outdoor games like Cricket, Badminton and Football.
  • Indoor games like Chess and Caroms.
  • Outdoor Barbeque cooking.
  • Musical Entertainments.
  • Night Safari.
  • Guided Trekking.

Rooms Types

Wind Shadows

 The Wind Shadows in Vagamon Heights have two bed rooms, a foyer and a living room. The wind shadows are suitable for two families of 2+2 and two adults.

  • Geyser
  • Room Service

Wood Side

 The Wood Side Rooms in the estate have two bed rooms and a living room. It is suitable for a two families of 2+2 . This is a cozy accommodation for two families. You get good views of the rolling hillocks.

  • Geyser
  • Room Service

Wood Pecker

The Wood Pecker has two bed rooms and a common foyer. It is suitable for two families. This rooms is advised for young couples. It is a split level cottage having balconies overlooking the forest.



  • Geyser
  • Room Service
  • Balcony


The Nestling is a single room cottage suitable for a couple. The cottage is situated adjacent to the Wood Side. The cottage which is ideal for honeymoon couples, is built in typical Kerala-style architecture.

  • Geyser
  • Room Service

Four Gables

The four gabled accommodation is designed for young groups of friends . It has three bed rooms and a living room. It is ideal for a bachelors get together. It can accommodate around 12 persons.

  • Geyser


There are three tents that can accommodate eight adults. A wide variety of tents are available for the brave and adventurous guests. The tents are all weather well protected. You can set up the tent at any location of your choice.

  • Room Service

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.