Maria's South Indian Cooking Class

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 700
Time Required
Two to three hours
No specific timings
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Travelers interested in cooking.

Quick Info

Maria's South Indian Cooking Class is one of the most sought-after cookery classes in the rustic town of Fort Cochin. The teacher, Maria is an expert in the South Indian cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. She speaks fluent English. So the cooking class has become popular, especially attracting many foreign travelers. 

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A premium culinary experience in Fort Cochin.
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#3 in 16 Things to Do in Cochin
#1 in 3 Culinary Experiences in Cochin

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Editor's Review

Maria's Cooking Class is one of the best cooking classes not only in the state of Kerala but also in the country. The teacher is fluent in English and has good communication skills. So the class is easy to understand. You will especially enjoy the explanation of the various spices and ingredients, which is done before the actual cooking starts. The teacher speaks with warmth and enthusiasm, making the class a pleasant experience.


  • Warm and enthusiastic teacher.
  • The teacher is fluent in English.
  • An amazingly detailed explanation of spices and ingredients.
  • Easy to understand classes.
  • Mouth-watering food.


  • The class can seem a little fast sometimes.
  • The class becomes less personalized if there are many students.

Detailed Info

Maria's South India Cooking Class is a popular cookery class in Fort Cochin. It attracts a number of foreign travelers who are interested in tasting and learning to cook delicacies from the South-Indian cuisine. Since the teacher, Maria is not only a culinary expert but also has great communication skills; the classes are engaging as well as easy to understand.

As you participate in the class, you will be amazed to hear and see Maria's knowledge of the South-Indian cuisine. Her friendly demeanor makes for a pleasant learning experience. The class is very practical. After the class, you get to relish the rich flavors of South India's spices in every morsel of food you eat. The afternoon is guaranteed to be a memorable one.