Nimmy Paul’s Cooking Class

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 2012 (USD 30) to INR 6708 (USD 100)..
Time Required
Three hours or Full day.
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Cooking experts.

Quick Info

A traditional Syrian Christian cookery class is conducted by Mrs. Nimmy Paul, who has been involved in the hospitality business for more than twelve years. Cooking demonstration including a nice meal is offered. The price generally starts at USD 30 and a full-day program starts at USD 100.

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High Level cooking classes offered in a nice property.
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#11 in 16 Things to Do in Cochin
#1 in 3 Culinary Experiences in Cochin

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Editor's Review

Nimmy Paul's Cooking Classes are exclusively for people who already know how to cook. We say this because the demonstrations are usually quite fast, so it can be difficult for beginners to catch up. It is an expert level cooking demonstration.


  • Exceptional cooking skills.
  • Clean and cosy property.


  • A little commercialized.
  • The activity is slightly overpriced.
  • Might be difficult for beginners to catch up.
  • Not many choices.


Detailed Info

Nimmy, a cookery instructor and her stockbroker husband Paul have been offering food and hospitality services to foreign guests for several years now. Their services include ‘Meal at Home’, ‘Day at Home’, ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Food Demonstration’.

Nimmy Paul has been a professional cookery instructor for over twenty years. The cookery classes are customized according to the needs of the tourists. The classes cover a variety of Kerala Syrian Christian cooking. Bookings need to be made in advance by email. There are no fixed timings and the duration of the classes can range from three hours to a whole day. Similarly, prices are not fixed as well. Cooking demonstration and a meal generally starts at INR 2012 (USD 30); while a full-day program starts at INR 6708 (USD 100).