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Destination Theme
Backwaters, Yoga Retreats,
Best Suited For
Families, Senior citizens.
Recommended Duration
Two to Three days

Quick Info

Nileshwaram, also known as Nileshwar, is a major town in a district called Kasaragod in the state of Kerala. The town is the cultural capital of Kasargod. The town has a rich cultural heritage with folk arts, temple festivals and sacred groves. The town is also famous for its beaches and backwaters. The nearest airport to Nileshwaram is Mangalore at a distance of 95 kilometres from the town.

Rankings & Ratings

A small town in Kerala where culture and tradition are above everything else.

Editor's Rankings

#13 in 33 Destinations in & around Kerala

Editor's Review

Although Nileshwaram offers quite a few enjoyable activities and attractions, the town is more like a centre for religious places rather than a picturesque tourist destination. You get to see that the local people are quite keen on their culture, tradition and festivals. 


  • The cultural significance is very high.
  • The town is home to many religious places.
  • You can enjoy trekking, boating and several festivals.


  • The climate is generally hot.
  • The roads throughout the place are quite busy most of the times.
  • The location is not very clean. 

Itinerary Tips

  • Nileshwaram has many cultural places you can visit.
  • Train is the best way to reach Nileshwaram, since it is well-connected to most of the cities.
  • Pleasant walks away from busy roads are something you can try in the evenings.
  • The town is home to many temples that you can visit.
  • Boating in the backwaters is a famous activity in Nileshwaram.
  • You can meet skilled artisans in Weavers' Street.
  • Public Ferry services are also available.
  • You can watch the awesome sunset view from the beaches and also have relaxing sea walks along the harbour.
  • You can watch the festivals and Theyyam performances in the temple and trek at Cheruvathoor.

Detailed Info

Nileshwaram is the cultural capital of the Kasaragod district. The name 'Nileshwaram' is said to be one of the names of the Hindu deity Lord Shiva. The town is home to a lot of cultural places that have folk arts, temple festivals and sacred groves. The Theyyam festival performed in many temples attracts many foreign travellers to the town. There are numerous temples built in and around the town of Nileshwaram.

Tourists who visit Nileshwaram enjoy the houseboat cruise in the backwaters. The town also has two beaches named Azhithala beach and Thaikadapuram beach. The Kottancherri hills and the Nileshwar River provide good natural views. Nileshwar palace and Thekke Kovilakam are situated in the heart of Nileshwar town. The Nileshwar harbour is also a great tourist attraction. Nileshwaram also has a really long footbridge which is about 400 metres long.



The town of Nileshwaram is at mean sea level


The weather in Nileshwaram is usually hot throughout the year, with moderate rainfall between June and August. 

Best Time to Visit?

Between the months of June and September.

How to Get There?

By Air

The nearest airport to Nileshwaram is Mangalore International Airport which is about 95 kilometres away from the town. From the airport, you can book a cab or hire a taxi to reach Nileshwaram.

By Train

The town has a major railway station called Nileshwar Railway Station. This station is connected to some of the prominent cities in India like Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Chennai, Kollam, Kozhikode, Coimbatore, Mangalore, Delhi and so forth. From the station, you can take an auto or taxi to reach your particular destination.

By Road

The Nileshwar bus station is connected to some of the major cities in Kerala.



Local Cuisines

Malabar Food is quite famous in Nileshwaram.