STM Tea Estate Bungalow


Accomodation Budget: Economy
Class: 2 Star
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Families and Leisure Travellers.
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STM Tea Estate Bungalow is a beautifully-built structure situated in a privately owned 150-acre tea estate property. The estate is located close to the Upper Sholayar Dam, 10 km away from the town of Valparai. The bungalow features eight neat and spacious rooms and a large dining area for the guests. It offers a breathtaking view of the Sholayar Dam. The property also has a lovely private waterfall. 

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#4 in 5 Accommodations in Valparai
#4 in 5 Estate Bungalows in Valparai

"A well-maintained bungalow offering a beautiful view of the Sholayar Dam."

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Editor's Review

The STM Tea Estate Bungalow is at a slightly isolated location. The weather is extremely pleasant and the bungalow offers an amazing view of the Sholayar Dam. The rooms are very nicely maintained. Some enjoyable activities are also offered. But the highlight of you stay would definitely be the fantastic cook and the friendly manager.


  • Excellent cook and hosts.
  • Breathtaking view of the Sholayar Dam.
  • Clean and spacious rooms.
  • Pleasant weather and unpolluted atmosphere.


  • No shops near the property.
  • Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Mobile network connectivity may not be great.
  • Quite an isolated location.


  • Safe Parking

Detailed Info

Located amidst delightful tea plantations near the Upper Sholayar Dam, the STM Tea Bungalow is a neatly-built and well-maintained bungalow in a 150-acre tea estate property in Valparai. Valparai is a picturesque town in South India with scenic grasslands and waterfalls. The town is situated 3500 ft above sea level and hence enjoys a wonderful climate. The STM Tea estate is about 10 km away from the main town area.

Since it has a beautiful location, the bungalow offers a direct view of the breathtaking Sholayar Dam and the surrounding tea plantations. The atmosphere is not just pleasant but also unpolluted since the property is far away from the bustling city. The private waterfall in the property is its major attraction. The bungalow has large rooms for accommodation and a dining area. Quite a few activities are arranged for the guests.

Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 12:00 PM, Check-out Time 10:00 AM.

Special Notes

  • The property has a private waterfall. Guests are taken to that place on a bumpy ride.
  • You can spot sambars, hares and squirrels on the safari ride.

Activities Offered*

  • Bird watching.
  • Campfire.
  • Night safaris.

Rooms Types


The bungalow has clean, spacious and basic rooms with a bed, a table and chairs. The room is equipped with other standard amenities.

  • Geyser

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.