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There are a variety of ways to explore the backwaters in Kerala and with Canoe Kerala, you can try them all. Or you could pick what you prefer. They offer Canoe Rides, Houseboat Cruises (Day cruise and Overnight stay), Shikkara Rides, Motor Boating and Sunrise and Sunset Cruises. You can enjoy these activities at Kumarakom, Alleppey, Ashtamudi or Nileswaram. Simply put, Canoe Kerala offers you a complete experience of the Kerala backwaters.

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Get a complete experience of the Kerala backwaters at amazing prices!
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#1 in 4 Things to Do in Kumarakom
#1 in 2 Houseboats in Kumarakom
#1 in 2 Canoe Rides in Kumarakom
#1 in 3 Boatings in Kumarakom

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Canoe Kerala offers you backwater activities of international standards. And there is so much variety, depending on how you want to explore the backwaters. Each type of cruise is great value for money. The out-of-this-world views and the serenity of the waters make the experience an exquisite delight. Canoe Kerala guarantees travellers complete satisfaction and zero disappointments.


  • Variety of ways to explore the backwaters.
  • Kerala backwaters are scenic and tranquil.
  • Amazing seafood at houseboat and backwater restaurants.
  • Picturesque views no matter what type of cruise you choose.
  • Premium experience guaranteed.


  • Not every type of cruise may be ideal for every type of traveller.
  • It can get hot during summer if the boat is topless.

Detailed Info

The serene backwaters of Kerala have gained popularity on a global level because of their scenic beauty and exquisite tranquillity. The beautiful village scenes on the shore and the picturesque coconut palms make the backwaters even more delightful. Thousands visit the backwaters of Kerala every year. But most of them fail to experience it to the full. Canoe Kerala was conceived with the sole intention of providing travellers with a fulfilled and satisfying experience of Kerala backwaters.

Canoe Kerala allows travellers to explore the backwaters in every way possible. With canoe rides, you can go to narrow canals and get a closer experience of the backwater villages. The houseboat cruises offer a king-size experience, providing you with all the luxury services as you absorb the beauty around you. The motorboat rides help you get a quick glimpse of the backwaters while the sunrise and sunset cruises offer magnificent views of the backwaters. 

Canoe Kerala organises backwater activities at Kumarakom, Alleppey, Ashtamudi or Nileswaram. Each of these places features a unique tone, offering travellers different experiences. Alleppey and Kumarakom offer premium experiences while Ashtamudi and Nileswaram offer more authentic ones. Canoe Kerala guarantees an unspoiled experience and travellers return with beautiful memories and zero disappointments.