Echo Point

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: No Entry Fee.
Time Required
One hour
6:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Couples, Families, Nature Lovers and people who want to have a picnic.

Quick Info

As the name itself suggests, Echo Point is one of those rare places in Kerala where you can hear echoes of your shouts along with the cooing of delightful birds. Echo Point is situated at an altitude of 600 ft. You find this place on your way up to Top Station in Munnar.

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A ideal picnic spot with picturesque views.
Editor's Rankings

#4 in 21 Things to Do in Munnar
#1 in 3 Boatings in Munnar
#3 in 7 Photography Walks in Munnar
#3 in 1 Cultural Shows in Munnar
#4 in 15 Sightseeing Spots in Munnar
#2 in 3 Kayaking in Munnar

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Editor's Review

The Echo Point in Munnar has a serene atmosphere providing great opportunities for clicking some of the best pictures. You can smartly use this place for having a picnic when it’s not too crowded. One main problem is that there are not many places to eat nearby. 


  • Perfect place for photography.
  • A very good picnic spot.
  • Ideal for trekking and nature walks.


  • Cannot not be visited during the monsoon.
  • Can be very crowded during peak season.
  • No proper restaurant is available nearby.

Detailed Info

Echo Point, situated at an altitude of 600 ft, is 15 km away from Munnar. Located on the banks of a scenic Lake, Echo Point is an exquisite stopover for tourists who are on their way to Top Station, which is the highest point in Munnar. The place gets its name, owing to natural echoes that you can clearly make and hear resonating in these acres of lush greenery. It is also famous for the rare Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) that bloom here.

Here you can choose a silent, contemplative hike up the mountains or choose to scream and hear their voices being echoed till far out and wide. Distant chirping and cooing of birds become clear here. Surrounded by scenic gorgeousness, clusters of tea, spice and coffee plantations makes it even more beautiful. Photographers find this place a true paradise as they capture the moments of vibrancy as well as serenity. If interested, you can also indulge themselves in boating in the beautiful lake here.