Jungle camp

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 5000 for two persons, INR 10000 for four persons.
Time Required
About 24 hours
3:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Forest lovers and adventure seekers.

Quick Info

Periyar Tiger Reserve is situated 4 kms away from Kumili town of Idukki district. Nearest Railway Station is Kottayam (115kms) while the nearest airport is Cochin (190 kms). The sanctuary is open throughout the year, but the best time for visit is from September to May. As part of its community-based eco-friendly programmes, the sanctuary offers the opportunity to camp inside the jungle.

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A complete nature experience involving different strenuous activities.
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#1 in 10 Things to Do in Thekkady
#1 in 2 Trekking/Jungle Camping in Thekkady

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Editor's Review

Jungle camp is a very interesting programme which allows campers to know more about forests and wildlife through multiple tasks. It combines trekking, nature walk, camping, boating and a trip to Gavi. It provides a unique experience making you feel closest to nature.

We kindly request our guests to respect the pristine environment. Please do not litter or feed the animals. In order for you to enjoy a safe trip, please stay a little away from the animals and do not cause them any indirect harm.


  • No need to carry food and water, as they will be provided
  • You can experience how it feels to be inside a forest at night
  • There are high chances of spotting wildlife.


  • You cannot expect comfort in the tents.
  • The camp is not suitable for children.

Detailed Info

The activity named Jungle Camp, provides tented lodgings for 30 persons at a time. Facilities provided are a board room for film shows, trekking in the forest and tasting the traditional tribal food cooked by the Urali tribe. The camping site is set on the banks of Periyar River at Vallakadavu inside the Periyar reserve. Tribals residing in and near the reserve are included to protect the park and also earn a livelihood from it. They give campers a better explanation about the forests and its dependents.

Jungle camp is inclusive of an orientation programme, trekking, bird watching, film shows, complimentary boating, a trip to Gavi and food. Trekking is done at a prime time when animals are out and active. Guides can help visitors identify different birds and animals. As one can stay inside the jungle, they can watch the nocturnal animal life as well.