Kundala Lake & Dam - Munnar

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: No entry fee.
Time Required
One hour
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Couples and Families who want to do some sightseeing.

Quick Info

Kundala is a picturesque town on the way to Top Station in Munnar. Situated in the laps of the lush jungle is Kundala Dam & Lake lying 23 kms off Munnar. The top of the Dam offers a spellbinding panoramic view of the natural greens, along with a glittering lake dotted with boats from boating facilities.

There are pedal boats, Kashmiri shikkara boats and row boats available on rent. The operator will give you a tour around the dam and to the interiors of the lake. Ride into the sunset on horseback or shoot balloons and have fun with the family. There are plenty of outlets that sell fast food. Ideal place to carry your own picnic basket and have a great time with friends and family.

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A picturesque place in Munnar with top-class boating facilities.
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#9 in 21 Things to Do in Munnar
#9 in 15 Sightseeing Spots in Munnar
#1 in 7 Photography Walks in Munnar
#3 in 3 Kayaking in Munnar
#3 in 3 Boatings in Munnar

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Editor's Review

The Kundala Lake is an extremely picturesque location. The Dam adds even more beauty to the lake. If you visit the place, you must try the boating facilities, especially the Shikkara boat cruise. It is very easy to reach the place. The Lake looks best early in the morning when the sun rays hit the lake at a perfect angle.


  • Restroom facility is available here.
  • Boating facilities available here are amazing.
  • Lots of restaurants are available nearby.
  • Easily accessible from the nearest town.


  • Dam might have very less water during summer season.
  • Can get very crowded during peak season.

Detailed Info

Kundala is a picturesque place, about 20 kms from Munnar on the way to Top Station. It is at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. Also known as Sethuparvati Dam, the Kundala Dam was constructed for Pallivasal Hydro Electric Project in 1946 and is considered to be Asia’s first arch dam. In Kundala, cherry blossoms appear twice a year. The fluffy and famous Neela Kurunji flower which blooms once in 12 years adds vibrancy to the hills and valleys around the lake.

In the morning when sunshine bursts over the horizon, it reveals a landscape draped in green. The areas surrounding the lake are carpeted with luxurious green tea estates. You can watch all this from the narrow paths above the dam and the adjoining areas.

A Golf Course is also located here which belongs to Tata Tea Ltd. Stunning eucalyptus and pine trees stand erect with monkeys swinging about from the branches. The Aruvikkad Waterfall showers magnificently into the lake.

Adjoining to this magnificent dam is the beautiful lake where visitors can enjoy a boat ride. The boating experience at this dam is wonderful. Boating facilities namely pedal boats, Kashmiri shikkara boats and row boats are available on rent to make your trip more enjoyable. The Kashmiri-Shikara boat rides and the pedal-boat facilities are an ideal way to spend a happy afternoon. The serene lake backdrop and an imposing dam makes for an ideal place to click pictures.

Information about boating facility:

  • All rides are of 30 minutes each.

  • The boat rides end at 4:30 PM.

  • Bathing in the lake is not allowed.

  • The lake is a very relaxing and peaceful place.

Boating Prices:

  • For Shikara Boat INR 200 for 2 persons.

  • Row Boat INR 150 for 4 persons.

  • Pedal Boat INR 100 for 3 persons.