Activity Charges / Entry Fee: No fee.
Time Required
Two to three hours
6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Adventure seekers and Nature lovers.

Quick Info

Marayoor is a beautiful sightseeing town near Munnar. It has natural sandalwood forests, waterfalls and ancient dolmens and caves with amazing relics. You will also find a children's park under the canopy of a large banyan tree that attracts many tourists. You can visit this place anytime during the year. The Munnar town centre is about 40 km away from Marayoor. It takes one hour twenty minutes to reach Marayoor from the Munnar town centre.

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A pleasant town with the aroma of sandalwood in its breeze.
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#12 in 21 Things to Do in Munnar
#10 in 15 Sightseeing Spots in Munnar

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Editor's Review

Marayoor is a sightseeing place near Munnar offering a lot of things that travellers can look forward to. Its major highlights are the sandalwood forests and ancient caves. You can explore the forests well with the help of a local. The jaggery-making unit is also worth a visit. If you're with children, then the Rajiv Gandhi Children's Park becomes a must-visit attraction. Even the older ones would like it.


  • Beautiful caves and relics.
  • The route to Marayoor is scenic.
  • Nice waterfalls and wildlife sanctuary.
  • Pleasant throughout the year.


  • The sandalwood forest is completely fenced.
  • A little far away from the town centre.

Detailed Info

Marayoor is a pleasant sightseeing town located 40 km away from Munnar. The small town is famous for its natural sandalwood forests, cave writings, dolmens, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary and jaggery-making units. A drive to Marayoor from Munnar is a beautiful one showing you marvellous scenes of tea gardens and waterfalls. The sandalwood forest in Marayoor has some 60,000 trees that are spread across an area of 95 sq km. The sandalwood forest has a fence around it that cannot be crossed. But you can have a forest walk if you can get permission from the forest authorities.

Marayoor has many ancient burial chambers called dolmens that are thousands of years old, most of which belong to the Stone Age. There is a cave called Ezhuthupara in the reserve forest that has some ancient writings and paintings on its walls. Since Marayoor has 1500 acres of sugarcane fields, the place has several jaggery-making units. You can visit these units to see how jaggery is made from scratch. Rajiv Gandhi Children's Park is a large park designed under the canopy of a huge banyan tree. The park attracts many visitors, young and old.