Munroe Island Backwaters Tour

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: Starts from INR 500 per person.
Time Required
One to two days
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Couples, Families, Photo Fanatics, and Experience Seekers

Quick Info

Munroe Island is one of the best backwater locations of Kollam. This beautiful small village is surrounded by Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River, blessed with a number of criss-cross canals and zigzag water channels. Away from the mainstream, yet close to heart, Munroe has some magic up the sleeve. If you are a backwater lover, this cluster of islets is something that is more than bargained for.

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A hidden gem in the backwaters of Kerala.
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#1 in 5 Things to Do in Kollam
#1 in 2 Boatings in Kollam
#1 in 2 Canoe Rides in Kollam
#1 in 1 Village Walks in Kollam
#1 in 2 Photography Walks in Kollam
#1 in 3 Sightseeing Spots in Kollam

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Editor's Review

The Munroe Backwaters Tour offers you a great opportunity to experience the authentic Kerala life, especially if you use a home-stay for your accommodation. Apart from the beautiful views throughout, you will also enjoy meeting the friendly people of Kerala.


  • The people are friendly and warm.
  • Community based tourism.
  • The water is clear and clean, good for swimming.


  • Travelling in monsoon can be a bit risky.
  • The place can be hot and humid during the peak summer season.

Detailed Info

One who visits Kollam must go for the Backwater village tour at Munroe Island. Many tour operators and local guides’ offers unique country craft cruise at Munroe Island in this typical backwater Island village of Kerala, which provides a view of the true life of Kerala. You can see the village life at close quarters, unaffected by chaos and bustles of the outside world. A cruise passes through water bound villages, zigzag canals and beautiful waterways. It is a real feast for your eyes. You may even see a reptile, or get to taste an exotic spice. This could be a highlight of your holiday which you will remember forever. The tour through the beautiful and serene backwater canals takes about 3 hours.

The town of Kollam is 25 kms away. Road travel is the usual way to travel, although you will have to take a ferry to get to the island. The Munroe Bus Station and the Munroe Railway Station are 2 kms away. Munroe Island is located 27 kmd by road from Kollam Beach, approx 45 minutes by taxi. From Varkala beach it is 53 kms, approx 1 hour 15 minutes by taxi. It takes about an hour or so to reach here from Kollam town by car. The major regional city is Trivandrum, about 70 kms south of Kollam. Trivandrum has an International Airport, a major rail terminus and several bus stations.

Usually, the island trip operates two times a day:

  •  Morning Cruise from 9:00 AM
  •  Afternoon Cruise from 2:00 PM