Kalaketty Estate


Accomodation Budget: Deluxe
Class: 1.5 Star
Best Suited For
Families and Couples.
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Bungalows, Home Stays,

Quick Info

Built in 1930, the Kalaketty Estate is an authentic Syrian Christian Bungalow located in a 150 acre green estate. It is taken care of by a planters' family who have been living in this ancestral home for three generations. Trees like teak, mahogany, nutmeg and clove can be sighted around the bungalow. The estate is mostly covered with rubber plantations. Guests can either stay in the clean and comfortable rooms of the bungalow or the large and spacious outhouse. 

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Editor's Rankings

#7 in 8 Accommodations in Kottayam
#4 in 4 Estate Bungalows in Kottayam
#6 in 6 Home Stays in Kottayam

"An old and luxurious homestay in a beautiful green estate."

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Editor's Review

The Kalaketty Estate has a bungalow that offers comfortable and spacious rooms for the guests. You cannot expect modern services or top-notch hospitality at the estate. But you can have some nice conversations with the family at the estate and also enjoy the delicious food they have to offer. You can also enjoy some nice relaxing activities at the estate.


  • Friendly and caring hosts.
  • The rooms are vastly spacious with good comforts. 
  • Good balance between activities and leisure.
  • Great homely food.


  • No TV, internet or any such services.
  • Cannot expect great hospitality.
  • Very few tourist attractions nearby.


  • Safe Parking

Detailed Info

Kalaketty Estate has a 90 year old bungalow which serves as an ideal homestay. It is situated in a 150 acre green estate covered with plantations, huge trees and paddy fields. The bungalow has been the ancestral home of the planters' family living there. At the estate, guests will experience a unique lifestyle lived by the planters and feel the warmth of a traditional Syrian Christian Home. Guests can enjoy having nice conversations with the family taking care of the homestay.

Accommodation is offered to the guests in the bungalow or the outhouse. The rooms are clean, comfortable and richly furnished. The design of the doors and windows and the red oxide polished floors give a grand look to the rooms. A panoramic view of the surroundings can be enjoyed by the guests. Traditional Syrian Christian food is served at the home stay. The food is prepared from ingredients that are organically grown in the farm.


Hotel Rules

  1. Check-in Time 12:00 PM, Check-out Time 10:00 AM.

Special Notes

  • Since there are various crops grown in the estate, guests can enjoy scenes of cultivation and harvesting.
  • A local village and market can be explored on a bicycle.
  • St. Benedictine Ashram is located 3 km from the residence. This monastery features a unique blend of architectures of different religions.
  • Ayurvedic therapies can be arranged at a nearby Ayurvedic centre.

Activities Offered*

  • Plantation Walks.
  • Get to see rubber processing.
  • A jeep ride through the estate.
  • Short walks that lead to brooks and streams.
  • A visit to the vermi-composting yard.
  • A visit to the goat farm and the rabbit farm in the estate.
  • Bird Watching.

Rooms Types


Kalaketty Estate offers its guests rooms in the family bungalow. There is also a large out house which is richly furnished. The doors and windows of the rooms have a grand look.

  • Geyser
  • Balcony

*Activities offered by the Accomodation may be limited in number or may change without prior notice depending on the season, demand and other factors. Please request for the details at the time of booking. Availing these activities may have aditional charges depending on the package you opt for.