Aliyar Dam

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 10 per head.
Time Required
Two to three hours
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Families, Couples and Photo fanatics interested in sightseeing.

Quick Info

Aliyar Dam is a magnificent dam situated at the foothills of Valparai, in the Anamalai ranges of the Western Ghats. A beautiful park, an aquarium and a mini theme-park are located close to the dam. They are surrounded by majestic hills. The best time to visit the dam is between the monsoon months of July and September. Aliyar Dam is located about 42 km away from the Valparai town centre. It takes a little more than an hour to reach the dam from Valparai.

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A beautiful dam surrounded by scenic mountains on three sides.
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#1 in 4 Things to Do in Valparai
#1 in 4 Sightseeing Spots in Valparai
#1 in 1 Outdoor Activities & Parks in Valparai

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Editor's Review

Aliyar Dam is a great spot for picnics and photo fanatics will especially love this place. The scenic mountains in the background make the visit feel like a surreal experience. The park and garden near the dam may not be very well-maintained but can be visited, especially if you have kids along with you. During the monsoon, the water flow is quite majestic and once you climb up the dam, the view is unbelievable.


  • Breathtaking views from the dam.
  • Ideal spot for family picnics.
  • Amazing pictures can be taken.
  • Good street food is available nearby.


  • Water level is low in non-monsoon months.
  • Boating facility is not great.
  • You might find some litter around.
  • Park and garden is not very well-maintained.

Detailed Info

Aliyar Dam has a 6.48 sq km reservoir located close to the Pollachi town at the foothills of Valparai. With a spectacular backdrop of the majestic hills, the Aliyar dam offers a scenic view to the tourists. A beautiful park, a garden, an aquarium and a mini-theme park with play area for kids are located at close proximity from the dam. They are maintained by the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation. Tourists are not allowed to get near the water. But they can spend quality time in the surrounding region.

Aliyar Dam was constructed in the 1960's for irrigation purposes. Since 2002, the dam has been used to generate hydro-electric power. A scenic view is guaranteed when you climb up the dam. You will have to climb quite a few steps. Some wonderful pictures can be taken near the dam. It actually is an ideal spot for picnics too. Boating is also possible in the reservoir. But it isn't a great experience.Tourist can get an accommodation in the forest rest house near the dam. At night, the dam lights up wonderfully. The famous Monkey falls is located about 6 km away from the dam.