Activity Charges / Entry Fee: No entry fee.
Time Required
One to two hours
6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Adventure seeker and Group of friends.

Quick Info

Anchuruli in Idukki is a tourist destination located in the catchment area of the Idukki Dam. The place is slowly gaining popularity among adventure seekers. It is famous for its long dark tunnel and the gushing waterfall. It is at an altitude of 2430 ft above sea level.

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A unique experience for adventure seekers.
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#4 in 5 Things to Do in Idukki

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If you're an adventure seeker, Anchuruli is a place you will definitely love. The walk through the tunnel will turn out to be a memorable experience. However, you must be careful while walking. Anchuruli takes on a unique charm in every season. During monsoon, the view is great but you cannot pass through the tunnel. In other seasons, you won't see much water but on the plus side, you can enter the tunnel.


  • Nice view of tunnel and waterfalls.
  • Walking through the tunnel is great experience.
  • Ideal for adventure seekers.
  • Good place for parking.
  • Each season brings a unique beauty to the place.


  • Cannot walk through the tunnel when water level is high.
  • The tunnel can get pretty dark.
  • Waterfalls get quite dry during summer.
  • Not a very clean place.

Detailed Info

Located in the catchment area of the Idukki Dam, Anchuruli is a tourist destination that is gaining popularity among adventure seekers. It is famous for the gushing waterfall and the 4 km long circular tunnel. Water from the Erattayar Dam reaches the Idukki reservoir through this tunnel. The water is sometimes ankle deep and sometimes knee deep. But sometimes the water level is quite high and tourists cannot get close to the tunnel.

Anchuruli is located in a scenic village called Kanchiyar which is in the district of Idukki. It is at an elevation of 2430 ft above sea level. Every year, quite a number of youngsters visit Anchuruli to enjoy some adventurous as well as relaxing moments with their friends. During the monsoon, the Anchuruli Tunnel becomes quite a scenic place since water gushes through it to reach the reservoir. With permission of the forest office in the village, tourists can enjoy fishing and trekking at Anchuruli.