Idukki Dam

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 10 for Adults , INR 5 for kids.
Time Required
One to two hours
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Natures lovers and Families.

Quick Info

The Idduki Dam is a colossal arch dam buiilt across the Periyar River. Since the dam is constructed between two majestic mountains, the view is spectacular. The dam itself is nothing less than an architectural marvel. Boating facilities are available near the dam. The Idukki Dam is used for power generation and irrigation. Because of its scenic beauty, the dam has become a popular tourist attraction.

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A colossal dam showcasing marvellous architecture and scenic beauty.
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#1 in 5 Things to Do in Idukki

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The Idukki Dam is certainly an architectural marvel. The scenic views of the river and mountains add greatly to the beauty of the location. Walking by the dam or riding in the golf cart is an amazing experience. The only let down is that you cannot carry cameras or mobile phones while visiting the dam.


  • Marvellous architecture of the dam
  • Spectacular view of dam, river and mountains.
  • Wonderful experience of walking by the dam.
  • Memorable golf cart drive.


  • Cameras and mobile phones are not allowed.
  • Parking space is not ample.
  • Open only on holidays.
  • Quite a lot of walking is required.

Detailed Info

Built across the Periyar River, the Idukki dam is a colossal arch dam used for power generation and irrigation. It is constructed between two majestic mountains and the view, therefore, is spectacular. Because of its shape and massive structure, the Idukki Dam is truly an architectural marvel. The dam is 169 m tall and the two mountains at its ends are each about 900 m tall. The Idukki dam supports a 780 MW hydro-electric power station. 

Tourists visiting the dam can enjoy an amazing boat ride against the scenic backdrop of the dam and mountains. A 15-minute boat costs INR 600. The power house supported by the dam is located near rocky caves about 43 km away from the dam. The entry to the dam is open only on weekends and public holidays. Because of the calm environment, scenic views and the marvellous architecture of the dam, the Idukki Dam has become a popular tourist attraction.