Green Meadows Vagamon

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 10 per head.
Time Required
One or two hours
No specific timings.
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Nature lovers and travelers looking for a calm environment.

Quick Info

Green Meadows in Vagamon is an ideal destination for travelers looking for a pleasant nature walk experience. It is a huge area completely covered with greenery. The place is also known as 'Barren Hills'. It offers spectacular panoramic views of lush green valleys and majestic hills. The extremely pleasant, and sometimes misty, weather makes the place even more magical. 

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Panoramic views of lush green valleys coupled with extremely pleasant weather.
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#2 in 5 Things to Do in Idukki

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Editor's Review

Green Meadows is certainly a must-visit destination in Vagamon. Because of the pleasant weather and scenic beauty, the place offers travelers an unforgettable nature walk experience. The panoramic views of the lush green surroundings are simply fantastic. You can expect to take some great snaps at the meadows. If you have kids along with you, rest assured that they'll only get excited looking at all that play space around them.


  • A serene experience with nature.
  • Beautiful panoramic views of lush greenery.
  • Great pictures guaranteed.
  • Excellent weather during most of the year.
  • Kids can enjoy playing in the large green meadows.


  • Can get hot during peak summer.
  • There is no place of shade in case you need one.
  • Can get a bit crowded on weekends and holidays.
  • Prone to lightning strikes in the rainy season.

Detailed Info

Green Meadows in an exceptionally beautiful location in Vagamon. Blanketed with lush greenery all over, the meadows offer travelers an unforgettable experience with nature. Hidden amidst these meadows are serene ponds that only add to the pleasantness of the place. Because of its marvellous scenic beauty, the meadows have been used as a shooting location for many Indian movies.

Travelers are simply fascinated by the spectacular views of valleys and hills they get from the meadows. And when they are being kissed by clouds, the meadows look nothing less than heavenly. The extremely pleasant, and sometimes misty, weather adds to the experience. Green meadows offer a sense of calm and awe, thus making it a must-visit destination in Vagamon.