Iruppu Falls

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 50 for adults, INR 10 for kids.
Time Required
Two to three hours
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Families, Couples and Friends.

Quick Info

Located in the Brahmagiri Range of the Kodagu district, the Iruppu Falls is a popular sightseeing attraction and a pilgrimage spot. The cascading waterfall is an amazing spectacle of nature. It forms a small freshwater stream in which visitors can enjoy a dip. There is a famous Shiva Temple on the way to the falls. Due to its religious significance, the waterfalls are considered holy by many Hindu devotees.

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A cascading waterfall offering an opportunity for a refreshing dip.
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#1 in 5 Things to Do in Coorg

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The Iruppu Falls offer a scenic view as well as an opportunity for a refreshing bath under the falls. The falls are quite safe also. Even the route leading to the waterfalls is a very exciting one. It offers a great chance for a soft trek. You simply cannot ask for more.


  • Refreshing bath under the falls.
  • The waterfalls are quite safe.
  • Amazing trekking route leading to the falls.
  • Scenic view of the cascading falls.


  • Car must be parked about 1 km away.
  • Waters are quite cold.
  • Some litter may be found.
  • Not ideal for tourists who have problem walking.

Detailed Info

Iruppu Falls is a popular sightseeing attraction located in the Brahmagiri Range of the Kodagu district in Karnataka. The spectacular view of the cascading waterfalls is a refreshing sight. The falls create a fresh water stream in which tourists can enjoy a dip. The stream flows into a river called the Lakshamana Tirtha River. The river is a tributary of the famous Cauvery River. Because of the river originating from the falls, the Iruppu Falls are also called as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls.

The Iruppu Falls have great significance in the Hindu Epic, 'Ramayana'. According to it, when Ram and Lakshman were searching for Ram's wife Sita, they stopped for a while at the Brahmagiri Hills where Ram got thirsty. He asked Lakshman to get him some water. Lakshman then shot an arrow at the hills and water started flowing from the rock. This, according to legend, is the story of how the waterfalls and the river came into existence. That explains why the river is called Lakshmana Tirtha River.

Because of its relation to the Ramayana, the Iruppu Falls are considered holy by many Hindu devotees. On the banks of the Lakshmana Tirtha River, there is a famous Shiva Temple which is visited by a large number of pilgrims during the festival of Shivaratri.