Dharmadam Island

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: Small entry fee.
Time Required
One or two hours
No specific timings
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Adventure seekers and Nature lovers.

Quick Info

Dharmadam Island is a small private island located 100 m away from the Dharmadam Beach in Thalassery. It has a dense coverage of coconut palms and colourful orchids. The best time to visit the island is between the months of October and May. You must visit in broad daylight. The island is 18 km away from the Kannur city centre. It takes about 35 minutes to reach the beach from the city and you can walk to the island from there if the tides are low. Permission is needed to get on the island.

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A 5-acre island densely covered with coconut palms.
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#3 in 4 Things to Do in Kannur
#3 in 4 Sightseeing Spots in Kannur

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Editor's Review

Dharmadam Island is a beautiful 5-acre island with a dense coverage of coconut trees and colourful orchids. But you can only go to the island when the tides are low. You can walk up to the island with the water level coming up to your knees. The rocks around the island amidst the rivers make for a great scene. 


  • The beach is clean and quiet.
  • The huge rocks and rivers are scenic.
  • The island is beautiful with dense coverage of trees.
  • Some animals are present on the island.
  • Walking to the island through the water is a nice experience.


  • You can visit the island only when the tides are low.
  • Might find some litter around.
  • Not very well-organized.

Detailed Info

Dharmadam Island, also known as Green Island, is a beautiful private island densely covered with coconut palms and colourful orchids. The 5-acre island, overlooking the serene rivers and the majestic ocean, is filled with natural beauty itself. There are huge brown rocks around this completely uninhabited island and when tides hit these rocks, it creates a picturesque scene. During a low tide, the water level is quite low. This usually happens in the afternoon, somewhere between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. So you can walk up to the island from the beach since the island is just 100 m away from the mainland. But you must make sure that you return before the water level gets higher.

Surrounded by rivers on three sides and the Arabian Sea on the west, the Dharmadam Island had once been an important pilgrim centre for Buddhist Priests. In 1998, the department of tourism in Kerala started taking care of the island's maintenance so that it could become a good tourist attraction. If you have to visit the island, permission needs to be taken. You can only walk up to the island when there is a low tide. Otherwise, you cannot visit the island. Muzhappilangand Drive-in Beach is a popular tourist attraction nearby.