Muzhappilangad Beach

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 30 per vehicle
Time Required
One or two hours
No specific timings
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Beach lovers and Travellers who like driving on the beach.

Quick Info

Muzhappilangad Beach is the only drive-beach in Kerala and the longest in India. Cars can be driven all through the 4-kilometre stretch of hard sand on the beach. Paragliding and parasailing are also possible at the beach. The beach looks best during sunset. The best time to visit the beach is during the beach festival that takes place in April. The nearest town, Thalassery, is 7 km away from the beach. It takes a little more than 20 minutes to reach the beach from Thalassery.

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The longest drive-in beach in India.
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#1 in 4 Things to Do in Kannur
#1 in 4 Sightseeing Spots in Kannur

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Editor's Review

The Muzhappilangad Beach is a unique beach in Kerala where travellers can drive cars and bikes on the shores. The drive is a beautiful experience and you just don't feel like stopping your car. The atmosphere is breezy and pleasant. There are a few places on the beach that offer snacks and ice cream. The drive is great. You need to be careful though, as to where you park your car. If you park it close to the water, it may sink a bit into the sand due to the waves. The police may even charge you a fine if your car goes into the ocean. Top-class facilities cannot be expected at the beach.


  • Perfect beach for driving since the sand is hard.
  • Amazingly beautiful during sunset.
  • Cool and breezy.
  • Very reasonable fee.


  • Swimming is allowed to a limited extent only.
  • Not many places to eat nearby.
  • Car gets stuck if you park near water.
  • Cannot expect too much cleanliness.

Detailed Info

Muzhappilangad Beach is the longest drive-in beach in India. It is located parallel to NH 66 between Thalassery and Kannur. A winding road hemmed by coconut trees leads you to the beach. Since the beach is wide and the sand on the beach is hard, cars can easily be driven on the beach. You can even take your car 4 kilometres into the beach. A drive along the shores during sunset is truly a memorable experience. According to an article published by BBC, the Muzhappilangad Beach is one of the 6 best drive-in beaches in the world.

There are huge black rocks bordering the beach that protect it from the stronger waves of the majestic ocean. Many young localites come to the beach and try to perform stunts on their cars and bikes. They're a treat to watch.  During the beach festival in April, the beach becomes even more glorious attracting tourists from all over the world. A short distance away from the beach is a beautiful private island named Dharmadam. If you happen to visit the Muzhappilangad Beach, you must make sure you visit this island as well. Many tourists miss seeing this place since it's not very famous. But it is a must-visit destination near Kannur.