Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: No entry fee.
Time Required
Two to three hours
5:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Religious people.

Quick Info

Of all the considerable number of holy places of Serpent worship on the planet, there is none that is more awe-inspiring and unbelievable than Mannarasala, as envisage and blessed by Lord Parasurama, the creator of God’s own country, Kerala. In the light of experience, numerous lovers who have heard and experienced the extraordinary power of the serpents and the other gods in this temple recount numerous stories about Mannarasala temple. It isn't an uncommon thing to see a one serpent shows up in the same area for various days in the temple premises. On the steps of the gatehouse, among the creepers, on the hedgerows; the individuals who perform bhajan in the temple can stand close and pray at any time. 

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A temple with serene natural surroundings.
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#8 in 8 Things to Do in Alleppey
#8 in 5 Sightseeing Spots in Alleppey

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It is one of the old and famous Nagaraja temples and is dedicated to Sri Nagaraja diety. The location is very calm and serene with lots of trees. This temple is also known to help solve all the problems and sins associated with snakes.


  • The temple is very calm and serene.
  • Forest trees & snake sculptures all around
  • Well-maintained


  • There is a stringent dress code that has to be followed to enter the temple
  • Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple

Detailed Info

Mannarashala Nagaraja Temple History

The historical backdrop of Mannarasala Temple as the greatest place of worship of the serpent Gods associates with Parasurama, the creator of Kerala. According to the Legends, the main priestess of Mannarasala Temple gave birth to a snake with five heads, which lived in their ancestral home to protect the family.

Despite the fact that a land zone has formed, the place stays as a piece of land with the high salt amount, which incited the general population to leave the place in a rush. Disheartened by this, Parasuraman chose to begin penance to please Lord Siva, who asked him to worship Nagaraja.

After another painstaking penance, at last Parasurama was able to please Nagaraja who blessed him with a desalinated land and furthermore promised the endless presence in Kerala. Therefore according to the desire of Parasurama, Nagaraja chose to dwell at a place chosen by Parasurama.

Detailed Info

Mannarasala Nagaraja Temple is a celebrated serpent place of worship situated close to Harippad which is in the district Alappuzha in Kerala. This notable temple taken care by a Brahmin kin. Unlike all other temples present in Kerala, a priestess heads this holy place. This universally famous temple is devoted to Nagaraja, the serpent God. It is trusted that the god in this sacred spot is honored with the holy spirit of God Shiva and has the type of Lord Vishnu. Numerous fans from various places visit this temple to offer prayers to the Lord. Numerous childless ladies visit the sanctuary to seek blessings of the Nagaraja for kids. Ladies blessed with babies typically return to the temple to express their gratitude.

Besides, the Mannarasala Temple covers a territory of 16 acres of land of a thick green forest grove. The two primary idols are the serpent king or Nagaraja and his companion, Sarpayakshini.

The most prominent offering of Mannarasala Temple is called 'Uruli Kamazhthal', which basically means the setting of a metal container upside-down before the god, which reestablishes fertility to infertile couples.

Dress Code at Mannarashala Nagaraja Temple

One needs to be in traditional attire in order to gain entrance to the Mannarasala Temple.

Festivals celebrated at Mannarashala Nagaraja Temple

·         Mannarasala Festival (utsavam)

·         Annual pooja in Nilavara

·         Mahashivaratri

·         Deeparadhana

How to Reach Mannarashala Nagaraja Temple

Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, approx. 115 km

Nearest railway station: Kayamkulam Junction, approx. 20 km