Poovar Boating

Activity Charges / Entry Fee: INR 2500 for one hour, INR 3500 for one and a half hour.
Time Required
Two hours
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Difficulty Level
Best Suited For
Nature lovers.

Quick Info

Poovar village, located at the southern tip of Trivandrum and about 12 kms south of Kovalam is truly a paradise on earth for all nature lovers. Unexplored and serene, the main attractions of Poovar are its backwaters, mangroves, hundreds of species of birds and animals, exotic flowers and the lush green flora. So, if you fancy silence and solitude, Poovar is the place!!

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A pristine and breathtaking estuary in Kerala which is a must-visit.
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#1 in 8 Things to Do in Trivandrum
#1 in 2 Boatings in Trivandrum
#1 in 0 Kayaking in Trivandrum

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Poovar is a tiny place in Kerala famous for its pristine backwaters and beaches. At this place, you experience nature at its best in a tranquil atmosphere. The boating facility in Poovar is a popular activity. The place hasn't been explored by many yet, but it is a must-visit.


  • The surrounding are extremely beautiful.
  • The boating facilities are very good.


  • Beach is not a sunbathing spot.
  • You can't swim because of the strong currents.

Detailed Info

Away from the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist spots is Poovar, a small coastal village on the southernmost tip of Trivandrum, famous for its backwaters and beach. Poovar is situated at about 30 kms from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala and around 12 kms south of Kovalam. Easily accessible by road, it takes about 45 minutes to reach Poovar both from the International Airport and the Railway Station. 

Poovar is one of the natural wonders of Kerala, where the Arabian Sea and Neyyar River meet to form an estuary. This is the estuary that supports hundreds of species of fishes, birds and animals as well. The estuary is the most exciting find at Poovar.

Head towards the boat jetty in the Poovar village. The local villagers offer boat services and will take you for a trip to various places in Poovar. However, there is a bit of bargaining involved in this activity. There are country boats, motor boats and house boat services available. While the motor boat services are faster, the ones rowed by boatmen allow you to enjoy nature in a relaxed manner. You can also hire boats from tour operators like Leela Backwaters.

On your trip, you get to see the dense mangrove forests, floating restaurants, floating cottages, coconut and banana groves, the golden beach and much more.  Simultaneously, you may also indulge in activities like bird watching and photography.  There is also an opportunity to explore the mangroves and enjoy some good sea food at the floating restaurants.

A one day trip would suffice but if you're planning for a relaxed holiday, exotic resorts like Poovar Island Resort, Estuary Island Resort and Isola Di Cocco are available. So, if you visit Trivandrum or Kovalam, never miss the opportunity to visit Poovar. You are sure to enjoy the tranquillity and silence of this tiny hamlet with its beautiful backwaters and golden beaches.